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Buttoned Up > ditch perfection

Guilt-free (dis)organization: OK or a cop-out?

A reminder to find your peace within

Why you need to get comfortable with imperfection

Being Uncomfortable is a GOOD Thing

What Are You Waiting For?

3 Simple Organizing Truths That Can Change Your Life

Why it’s Good to Have Guests Over

Planning Does Not Take Away Your Creativity and Spontaneity!

5 Simple Ways to Get Organized Right Now!

Get Inspired by a New Beginning!

Don’t Try to Live Up to Magazine Pictures of What “Uncluttered” Looks Like

Ditch Perfectionism, That Double-Edge Sword

Organizing a Thanksgiving Feast When Time & Money Are Short

Ditching the Devil on Your Shoulder: Perfectionism

Guest Guru Carley Knobloch, Founder, Mothercraft

Ten Tips to Gain 30 Minutes a Day

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