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Ask Your Guru: Help with Life.doc

Guru Question: I am of the age that frequent visits to new Doctors require that I compelte medical History…

I just bought the Valuable.doc ad Life.doc kits. I am getting started by filling out the information I know. I’d like to be able to ‘draft’ print these docs. Then, collect the missing information and make a final print on the forms. I’ve saved several of the documents on my hard-drive. When I try to re-open them, to edit or fill-in missing data, I can’t see all of the fields. Do I have to go back to the CD and start over on these documents??? Please advise the best way to complete and edit the data. Thank You! Colette P.S. Why is there no “auto” information on the forms? For example, I had to list my auto insurance under “other.”

hi, i got the notebook as a xmas gift a couple years and of course, am just getting to it now. i put the cd in my intel macbook and when i click on \”LIFEDOC\” in my finder window, i just get an error message that says “the application flashplayer quit unexpectedly”. do i need an update or something? thanks!

I have been trying to become organized in general with life, work, family, home but for some reason , I just feel like I could not get organized , what is the best way to become organized in general?

I have 3 children under 8. My husband and I have told people our wishes, but do not have a formal will. We don’t have lots of income to give to a lawyer to create one. Is there a way we can make a Will ourselves and fit it into our busy schedule?

I love the medical doc book. It helps a lot. Have you ever thought of making a template for doctors office visits and follow up visits following surgery or special procedures?? that would be extremely helpful, especially when the person has a complicated medical history with many different specialists who see them on a regular basis and make medication changes and recommendations.

How can I organize all of my internet passwords so I don’t lose them?

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