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46 YO SAHM Needs Organizational Help

I just took the quiz and my guru is you. Such as yourself I have been able to be successful in my life, both personally and professionally with my organizational style. I do have a question for you: I am also very creative and spontaneous about many things in my life one of them is being organized…when I get a home or work project I am very organized. I think its the day to day. Any insight or tips you can provide would be much appreciated!

Does anybody have a great way of organizing and hanging a scarf collection that doesn\’t involve folding?

I just received my buttoned up weekly agenda, which starts with January 2010 date. I am anxious to start using it now and was wondering if this product was available in 2009 and if you have any October through December pages that I could use until the January 2010 start date??

I need help getting and keeping myself organized on a daily basis. I’m a budding Entrepreneur and have my work-room, which includes my sewing machine and all my supplies, in my bedroom. I’m also a blogger with two different blogs that I have to keep track of, and I find that I’m running out of space and have clutter everywhere. I don’t even know where to start. I also need help keeping a daily planner so I can keep track of all my to-do’s, appointments, meetings, etc.

I have multiple email accounts by design, I try to keep my personal emails separate from my work emails. What tips do you have for email management in general and managing multiple email accounts?

I recently started a work from home job and have vowed that I would keep a neat and organized office. On top of this I am applying to graduate school for a doctrate program and I am a Director of Mentorship for a non-profit angency. I am looking for organizational ideas for a small office. In particular I am looking for ideas for day planners. Thank you in advance.

I am a mother of 2, full time teacher and recently started my Masters program online. A three credit class runs 6 weeks. Can you give me tips on how to manage lesson plans, grading papers, maintaining an organized home and my new classes?

The background photo on your website looks like it includes a planner/calendar. Where can I find this product? Great website – great

I recently became an independent consultant so that I can stay at home with my 3 1/2 yr old. But now I’m worried I’m going to miss out on some write offs during the year. I know you have tax.filer kit, but is that what I’m looking for? I want to stay organized. Thanks.

What is the best way to organize dinners for my family during the week?

What can I do in 10 minutes that will make my closet noticeably neater?

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