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Guest Gurus Michelle & Susan from

I recently started a work from home job and have vowed that I would keep a neat and organized office. On top of this I am applying to graduate school for a doctrate program and I am a Director of Mentorship for a non-profit angency. I am looking for organizational ideas for a small office. In particular I am looking for ideas for day planners. Thank you in advance.

Guest Guru Aimee Sesar from

Buttoned Up Guru Ashleigh, an Imperfect Organization Pro

Guest Guru Kerry Lyons, Mom of 5 under 5

Guest Guru Theresa Hissong Seid, founder of

Guest Guru Natalie Caine, owner of

Guest Guru Deborah Shearer, co-owner of

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Guest Guru Elizabeth Mayhew, author of FLIP for Decorating

The background photo on your website looks like it includes a planner/calendar. Where can I find this product? Great website – great

Guest Guru- Emily T. Smith, Owner of Smith Gallery Photography

How can I organize all of my internet passwords so I don’t lose them?

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