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WEEK 1: The Key to Intentional Giving→Baseline Budgeting & Brainstorming

Taking a little bit of time to plan and organize your holiday gift giving enables you to shower the people you love with lovely things without going over-budget or into debt. So that’s what we are going to be focusing on this week.

Before you groan and push the procrastination button, bear with me—our goal is to make this process easy and dare, I say, fun. I know that for most people, including me, budgeting doesn’t exactly make you brim over with excitement. I may have even compared it to getting a root canal once or twice (but always because I was retro-budgeting and realizing how painful it was to be in the red because I lacked budget in the first place).

To make it fun, we’re going to be focusing on gift giving, which IS fun. And unleashing your creativity to come up with great gifts that fit within a budget constraint. And we’re not going to do it all at once. We’re going to take baby steps each day so that by Sunday, you’ll have a detailed list & budget to follow.

So let’s get started!

Day 1: Start Your Laundry List

Whip out a piece of paper, a notebook, or open a document on your computer and just do a big brain dump. Who should be on your gift list this year? People to consider:

• Family
• Friends
• Work Colleagues
• Tips for Service Providers
• Teachers
• Neighbors

Don’t worry about editing too much. Just list away. If you already have thoughts on what you want to get them as a gift, jot that down too. But don’t worry if you don’t.

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