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three cardinal rules to getting buttoned up

1 stop chasing perfection

The pursuit of perfection takes a superhuman effort to achieve and a superhuman effort to maintain. You have enough work on your plate already; you don’t need another full time job. So we encourage you to let the need to achieve perfection go.

2 focus on the 20% of tasks that are critical

The 80/20 rule states that in any pursuit, if you take care of a few important things (20%), you will solve 80% of your problem. The most efficient way forward is to focus on the 20% that is vital to success and spend less time on the rest.

3 learn to delegate effectively

Too often, we carry an unnecessarily heavy burden—holding on to and yes, controlling, everything. We know that letting go enough to delegate effectively can be a tough challenge—but it is one worth overcoming. Just start to ditch perfection and delegation will come easier to you. Learn this valuable lesson and you will have a lighter load.

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