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I recently started a work from home job and have vowed that I would keep a neat and organized office. On top of this I am applying to graduate school for a doctrate program and I am a Director of Mentorship for a non-profit angency. I am looking for organizational ideas for a small office. In particular I am looking for ideas for day planners. Thank you in advance.

I have 3 children under 8. My husband and I have told people our wishes, but do not have a formal will. We don’t have lots of income to give to a lawyer to create one. Is there a way we can make a Will ourselves and fit it into our busy schedule?

I am a mother of 2, full time teacher and recently started my Masters program online. A three credit class runs 6 weeks. Can you give me tips on how to manage lesson plans, grading papers, maintaining an organized home and my new classes?

I love the medical doc book. It helps a lot. Have you ever thought of making a template for doctors office visits and follow up visits following surgery or special procedures?? that would be extremely helpful, especially when the person has a complicated medical history with many different specialists who see them on a regular basis and make medication changes and recommendations.

The background photo on your website looks like it includes a planner/calendar. Where can I find this product? Great website – great

I recently became an independent consultant so that I can stay at home with my 3 1/2 yr old. But now I’m worried I’m going to miss out on some write offs during the year. I know you have tax.filer kit, but is that what I’m looking for? I want to stay organized. Thanks.

I’m lazy and a procrastinator. I’m taking an important volunteer job. It will mean I’m taking on enormous computer responsibilities (newsletter, letters, reports, name tags, photos) that take computer organization along with physical organization like file cabinets, books and albums. My office is filled already. The job is a two year commitment. Basically I’m just overwhelmed and do nothing instead of prepare for this job that starts soon. Please help.

How can I organize all of my internet passwords so I don’t lose them?

What is the best way to organize dinners for my family during the week?

What can I do in 10 minutes that will make my closet noticeably neater?

What’s the trick to getting my purse organized? How can I keep it that way going forward?

Do you have any tricks on how to keep track of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries?

I never have time to organize my desk. What can I do in 10 minutes at the end of each day to contain the chaos?

Company’s coming unexpectedly! What can I do in 10 minutes to make my house look noticeably cleaner?

“Tax season is SO confusing for me.. can you give me the short and sweet 1-2-3 of preparing?”

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