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I am a former spiritual director with a Masters degree in theology. Over the years of working as a spiritual director and providing pastoral care and religious education, I have noticed that a serious lack of organization goes hand-in-hand with certain forms of spiritual malaise. It’s as if the state of one’s home or office offers a window to one’s soul or psyche. Because of that, and probably because I was raised in an uptight German immigrant community–I have for some time considered becoming a professional organizer. How does one go about achieving such a goal?

I’m lazy and a procrastinator. I’m taking an important volunteer job. It will mean I’m taking on enormous computer responsibilities (newsletter, letters, reports, name tags, photos) that take computer organization along with physical organization like file cabinets, books and albums. My office is filled already. The job is a two year commitment. Basically I’m just overwhelmed and do nothing instead of prepare for this job that starts soon. Please help.

Do you have any tricks on how to keep track of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries?

Company’s coming unexpectedly! What can I do in 10 minutes to make my house look noticeably cleaner?

“Tax season is SO confusing for me.. can you give me the short and sweet 1-2-3 of preparing?”

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