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How Far Will You Go?

Giveaway: The Dewey Deception

Transformation 2: Switch and Flip

No Time to Waist!

Transformation: Kitchen Cupboard

Just Supply the House!

Before Thanksgiving?

Does anybody have a great way of organizing and hanging a scarf collection that doesn\’t involve folding?

I just received my buttoned up weekly agenda, which starts with January 2010 date. I am anxious to start using it now and was wondering if this product was available in 2009 and if you have any October through December pages that I could use until the January 2010 start date??

I just bought the Valuable.doc ad Life.doc kits. I am getting started by filling out the information I know. I’d like to be able to ‘draft’ print these docs. Then, collect the missing information and make a final print on the forms. I’ve saved several of the documents on my hard-drive. When I try to re-open them, to edit or fill-in missing data, I can’t see all of the fields. Do I have to go back to the CD and start over on these documents??? Please advise the best way to complete and edit the data. Thank You! Colette P.S. Why is there no “auto” information on the forms? For example, I had to list my auto insurance under “other.”

hi, i got the notebook as a xmas gift a couple years and of course, am just getting to it now. i put the cd in my intel macbook and when i click on \”LIFEDOC\” in my finder window, i just get an error message that says “the application flashplayer quit unexpectedly”. do i need an update or something? thanks!

I need help getting and keeping myself organized on a daily basis. I’m a budding Entrepreneur and have my work-room, which includes my sewing machine and all my supplies, in my bedroom. I’m also a blogger with two different blogs that I have to keep track of, and I find that I’m running out of space and have clutter everywhere. I don’t even know where to start. I also need help keeping a daily planner so I can keep track of all my to-do’s, appointments, meetings, etc.

I have been trying to become organized in general with life, work, family, home but for some reason , I just feel like I could not get organized , what is the best way to become organized in general?

What is the best way to organize dinners for my family during the week?

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