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Mealtime “101”: Meal Planning (Part 1 of 3)

posted by Sheri Silver on March 20, 2014 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • passthetapetest

    As far as consolidating the shopping list (a HUGE time and money saver), I’ve found shopping lists divided by ‘departments’ in the grocery store help – but are a bit time consuming. So, if you’re simply coping & pasting onto one list – print it and use different color hilighter for each ‘section’ of the store.
    Also, if you have the same item several times on the list (for example, 1/2 onion in one recipe, 1 onion each in 2 other recipes) pick one instance of the onion popping up and write the total qty to be purchased. Circle it and then cross through the quantity from the other instances of the same item.
    Just 2 tips I’ve come up with.

  • Nina

    Thank you so much for your wonderful tips! What I have found useful is a list of meals that have proven to be quick to make and can still stand up to be healthy enough to serve my family on a regular basis. This list, along with links to the recipes, makes the planning of meals and the shopping list a lot quicker!

  • Jackie Johnsen

    I use the ‘sticky notes’ on my computer to start with meal planning. It’s easy to add to while I am on the computer and I see new inspirations for recipes.

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