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My favorite apps to manage a work-at-home life

posted by Amy Hatch on February 24, 2014 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Beth

    It’s not an app, but I love to use google calendar for meal planning. I copy and paste the recipe into the description. I can look back at what I have made in previous months, and I always have a shopping list if I didn’t have time to make one.

  • SonicPiano

    I work from home, too and I’m addicted to lists — I even keep lists of lists. For that reason I rely heavily on Wunderlist to keep all my lists in order, including multiple task lists for home, my daughter’s school and work-related projects. Wunderlist has a Chrome extension for PC (and I presume Mac) as well as free apps for Android and iOS. You can sync your lists across all your devices. I haven’t taken a paper shopping list with me in the year I’ve been using it.

  • Luisa CasaréumBarato

    We – the girls from “Casar é um Barato” – we work from home too and we hear the same sort of flexibility things, and we suffer the same kind of temptations at home… We use Google Calendar, Remember the Milk and Toggl to keep things going. I think laundry, baby and facebook are my worst work-from-home-enemies…

  • Shana


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