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11 brilliant ways to organize shoes neatly by the door

posted by Sarah on November 3, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • bethy

    why is this shoe rack slide show on superspeed?

  • Matti Vann

    Where did you find the shoe cubby with the pull down spot for shoes and the drawer on top? I can’t click on it for details and it keeps whizing by as I try to read it. I MUST buy this now.

  • Gi


  • rachel

    I’m finding all of your slideshows are going way too fast to really take a good look. Is there anyway to slow these down?

  • SarahButtonedUp
  • SarahButtonedUp

    Yes – I have a request in to the tech Gods to slow them down. They’re working on it!

  • Matti Vann

    Oh. No. There goes lunch! Heading there in 10. Thanks!!!!

  • Matti Vann

    Thanks Sarah!

  • Kirsty

    That slideshow is hideously fast. What about ditching the slide show, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind scrolling down to see each image

  • Nancy Robbins

    Know where I can get the smaller one, white w/ 2 shelves, looks like it fits 3 pr on top and 3 pr on bottom?


    I’m a diabetic and the worse thing a diabetic can do is walk around without shoes on. I do not take off my shoes at the door and do not ask others too. Some people walk barefoot in their shoes. Do you really want people with fungus foot diseases walking on the same carpet that your babies crawl on? If you are worried about your carp ret getting dirty use a business size large mat at each entrance. The kind designed to remove dirt from the bottom of the shoes. Also No shoes means chance of stepping on a tack or pin or some sharp edge of a broken toy. A diabetic could lose their foot. I replaced all the carpets in my house with laminate flooring. A simple wipe with a dust mop and a swipe with a wet Swiffer keeps it clean in that area and once a week cleaning of the floor adds shine and beauty. Please keep your shoes on. Stop spreading foot germs. My daughters house is gorgeous and she has fifty pairs of shoes all over the floor near the front door. OMG it looks so disgusting. and she thinks that looks good? There are two kind of people in this world, the kind who make guest uncomfortable by taking off their shoes. (I refuse and won’t come back) and those who do not. Those who do not and clean their dirt if any, live in comfortable, live in homes without the clutter or rack of shoes making their home look like a used shoe store. Shoes belong in your bedroom or on your feet. Not near your door. Floors are for walking on. They get dirty so take a minute or two to wipe your shoes on the mat before entering. Would you place a large plastic mat under the guest when you give them a drink? In case they stain your carpet spilling coffee or pop? Of course not. Well some nuts would. I make my guest welcome as they are and I never had a problem with shoes but terrible stains on carpets from spilled drinks. Until I put in laminated floors.

  • Marie Karlsson

    It is a very different culture. I live in Sweden and here everyone takes off their shoes. We usually have socks on during most off the year. I think it is worse bringing in dog poop, spit , gum, pee, trow up, glass shards, little rocks, sand that the cat peed in, dirt and everything else that is outside. I do not put tacks or pins on the floor and toys can be seen if they litter the floor. I expect my guests of all ages to look around but I also keep stuff of my floors. In Sweden we do not use carpets as you do. We may have carpets in the bedrooms but they do not get as dirty since we do not walk with our outdoor shoes on them. Many guests here bring indoor shoes if they want. Very practical and very considerate of them. Perfect for a diabetic person. Every swedish home has an entryway designed for storage of your shoes (not all of them, the ones more seldom used can be stored somewhere else) and your jackets. It is perfect, no one has to trail dirt all over the house to put stuff away in their rooms (like backpacks, jackets and handbags). My guess is that swedish floors needs less cleaning because of this. I am not saying Americans are dirty but floors that no outdoor shoes has walked on are definitely cleaner.

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  • Gail Ingemi

    Hello all! The fix for the slide show is to click on the small photo and it will open the photo right above where the large photo is. Hope this helps and happy shopping!

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