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Win this $100 back to school package!

posted by Sarah on August 29, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Amy Pollak

    We do a
    Retry good job of the distributed learning around here, and have also explained that it will take less time overall and why it is better. He’s only in 4th grade though and we haven’t hit heavy homework.

  • Stephanie

    We homeschool, and our worst habit is certainly leaving pens and books and notepads everywhere!

  • Jane Northrop

    My daughter just graduated high school in July. She was homeschooled through middle and high school. This was partially due to a chronic, life-threatening illness she has. My daughter is very smart and a straight “A” student but lacks time management skills and no study habits without me breathing down her neck, nor can she meet deadlines most of the time. She starts online classes on Sept. 5th to receive a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Illustration degree and I want her to succeed and be able to keep up with school as well as all her health issues (appts. etc) without becoming overwhelmed if she is hospitalized or needs a transplant. I don’t feel qualified to help her with this too much as I have the same challenges myself.

  • eileen_marie

    My best organizational tip for managing school work is very simple -use a tabbed binder! Notes & class work directly behind the subject tab & homework behind that. If you start the system early, the organization carries the student through high school & beyond. The worst system is one in which the student has a flurry of papers stuffed in unlabeled folders & a bunch of notebooks with random notes & assignments for different subjects in each. Simplified organization is the 1st step toward student success!

  • Diane Bohlen

    My daughter is a great artist but a horrible time manager. I have to stay on her constantly otherwise she will forget or get distracted. I worry how she will survive as an adult. Still searching for a system that works for her.

  • Mon Waters

    To enter, tell us about your student’s (or your) best and worst organizational habits

    For my Daughter it is homework organization and all to do with surrounding school and life outside school so she would use the bundle well to help get better organized

  • Christine

    My son forgets yo write down all his homework. Ugh!

  • Kim Wimberly

    Both my daughters have been or are being homeschooled with one off to college. My youngest one struggles with keeping up with duedates and her daily to do list. I need a fun and attractive way to motivate her to get her stuff done! These tools semm like just the ticket! I really want to see her excel and be the best she can be all on her own!

  • Rana Nestrud

    I have a homework cupboard stocked with supplies they might need for any project.( Scrapbooking paper, stencils,double sided tape, markers…). I also pick up the large display boards when I see them on sale to have on hand for the last minute situations.

  • Nancy

    We tend to keep too many stray pieces of paper around!

  • Tammy

    My daughter stays up too late! She needs to write “bedtime” into her calendar!

  • Darla

    My children are so scattered! They NEED these! They do not write down their assignments, forget to bring things home, and clutter abounds! Please help!!!!!

  • Allison D

    All the organizers in the world won’t work if I/they won’t use them! A matched set started at the beginning of the school year/work project always seems to be most effective. The most important organizational advice I give others (and myself!) is to keep all my information in one spot. If its on my phone, experience-usually negative as in losing data or having it erased-has shown me that I need to have a hard copy as a back up. These notebook sets are a perfect example of that and the hard copy of when things are due in a calendar is also useful to check off and track progress. My family-and I!-would love these!
    -Allison D, Jenkintown PA

  • Colleen Kopchik

    Balancing a full-time job, freelancing, grad school and life means one thing – I have to be organized! I keep a planner which helps me keep track of my assignments, meetings and

  • Susan

    My student is extremely messy and disorganized. She does not put away things she uses, her room is a nightmare, and getting herself organized for school is a daily hassle. Please help her!

  • Patricia Colegrove Minium Moon

    We have 7 kids … It’s been tough keeping all the homework, parent notes, sports, scouts, etc. organized.
    What works best for us is the binder system.
    There is the School Binder ( everyone gets a section in there)
    Sports Binder, Medical binder. You get the idea!

  • Scotti Smith

    I only have two of our four children in school right now. It has been a month, papers have already been lost, smushed into notebook and ripped. A brand new binder has already bent and books for homework/test studying have been left at school. If I don’t get our children organized, in three years we will all have big problems. This mama needs some organization to organize my chicks!! Gotta love them! 🙂 thanks

  • Tracy Stone

    My son is actually doing pretty well with his morning routines, finally (yay!). He has been doing his math homework on the bus home, so that’s one less thing to worry about. His going-to-bed routine, however, needs some serious work!

  • Cyn

    My best habit is writing lists and notes to myself, but then (my worst habit) I forget where I stash all my little scraps of paper! I will have one child in 6th grade in public school and one in 8th being homeschooled with too many appointments to keep track of!

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I confess–I’m bad about clutter! It’s a hard habit to break! My oldest daughter is a procrastinator and my middle daughter works so fast that sometimes she’s sloppy. My youngest daughter (who recently graduated as Valedictorian of her class) will be starting college this month and my son is switching high schools (after attending the same school district for 10 years). There’s something in this prize package for every member of my family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Erica Ratzlaff Meyer

    My worst study habit was cramming, though I did it anyway. My children all procrastinate to some extent. My daughter recently kept telling me that she needed a new book for Honor’s English, but she never did tell me which one. So, the night before she needed it, at 8:00 pm, I reminded her and she panicked! I refused to fix it for her. She did the dishes for her brother and then begged him to take her to the book store. I hope she learned a bit of a lesson there, or at least learned that mom isn’t bailing her out anymore!

    My son is now using a small desk pad style calendar. We’ll see how it works through the year. My youngest packs her lunch in the evenings to cut down on the morning rush. She also does her homework immediately after school.

    Oh, and that imagery stuff worked really well for my sister who struggled with other techniques.

  • Betsy D

    My son’s worst habit . . . probably keeping track of things that need to get done. We have been in school a week and I’m already seeing missing assignments – including getting his syllabus signed in one of his classes!

  • Tanya Huggler

    My student’s worst habit is stuffing EVERYTHING into a folder. Then, they can’t find ANYTHING when they need it. Their other weakness is “forgetting” to write information down and not getting assignments done!

  • tammy b

    gah! my oldest is starting middle school this year and she has absolutely no idea how to actually study so i will be keeping my eye on these replies and subscribing to this site for insight! my worst habit is clutter: i am, for whatever reason, a piler. i eventually go through and declutter and sort and organize and vow to keep it nice and tidy and everything in it’s place, but then a child or husband starts to clutter things up and it’s all over!

  • Sheila Banks Marquez

    Both of my kids seem to be disorganize even though I try to get them organized. We reorganize their closets and desks prior to school starting. Our time is very limited so maximizing theirs is equally important. Their back packs are the least organized! I try to have them clean them out every couple of weeks.
    Having a white board in my daughter’s room has helped and of course having us linked on a common calendar also helps!

  • LittleMomma

    Had a problem w/ turning in homework. Did it; “forgot” to turn it in. Resorted to file folders for each day of the week. For example, Tuesday homework assignments were brought home in the Tuesday folder. Once completed, tranferred to the Wednesday folder and put in backpack. Wednesday folder went to school w/ completed homework; returned w/ assignments. Worked well & marked improvement in grades!

  • Raquel Huffman

    My girls are 7 and 9 and I am still trying to find new ways to be organized. My most resent mini project was placing 3M hooks inside a cupboard door to hang labeled and color coded keys. Now I know where the extra set of keys are all the time!

  • Miranda Jimenez

    My kids are starting a new technology based school so there will be no ‘agenda’ to write it. It will all be based on a computer program. My kids are a lot like me, they need to be able to physically write down any information that they need to remember. It would be wonderful to have something for them that represents their personalities and that they can use.

  • April

    My worst habit is that I make physical piles of papers as reminders of what I need to to do. I have lots of piles.

  • Geri

    My son is currently in 5th Grade. He is extremely forgetful. He constantly forgets his homework and the teachers do not discipline him as he has such an amazing smile that could light up the room. HE NEEDS TO WRITE THINGS DOWN. UGH. HELP

  • Lisa

    My daugher is a high school sophomore, and today is her 15th birthday. What a great gift idea to keep her organized and motivated with style! She has the best intentions but tends to take on too much at one time, leaving tons of unfinished good ideas and projects in her wake. She balances school, social activities and competitive tennis – successfully, but tipping toward chaos! Her bedroom calendar still says March, and we are already four weeks into the new school year….:-(

  • Mary Ellen

    I have at times wished so much to be better organized. I had knee surgery a year ago and I thought wow I will be on the ball after that. I thought I would feel better, but I did not. My house seems to me to be a disaster and I can’t pull it together for some reason. I pray for some kind of relief to figure out how to do that. I have volunteered to work at the Holy Family Ministry Food Pantry in our City and it is so hard to keep track of everything. The last straw was my nephew graduated at the top of his class in May 2012. I gave him his graduation card and cash this past Sunday and apologized. I let him know how proud I am of his accomplishments. HELP!

  • rebekah woosley

    My daughter is in middle school and currently only uses a notebook to keep up with assignments. It’s really messy and unorganized.

  • Vanesa

    My daughter struggles with organizing. This would be the perfect tools for a successful school year pack with activities! .

  • Allyson D

    My soon to be Freshman is a mess when it comes to being organized for school. He loses assignments, can’t remember what needs to be done and can’t keep track of due dates. I’ve tried tons of planners, but the buttoned up planner is exactly what he needs. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Sharon R

    My own worst habit is to procrastinate, especially on the longer term projects. I’d put the due date down in my planner, but not think about it again until the week it was due, hopefully not a Monday!

  • Kelly Carey

    My 9-year-old daughter has a beautifully organized binder complete with tabs for “Things Mom Needs to Review,” “Things to Return to School,” “Homework,” “Drawings,” and etc; however, her laundry is piled all over the place in her room! Every time she goes to get dressed, she has to go through every pile to find what she’s looking for. It would be so much easier if she would just PUT IT AWAY! Ugh! Help!

  • Pamela Buzzard

    DD isn’t in school yet, but my worst habit is having everything on little scraps of paper that I can never find again!

  • Teresa Blosser

    This was going to be our year for organization. We have established great routines for morning, afterschool, evening, and bedtime. But, organization habits for school work is still in the works. I was able to create a homework caddy from a shower caddy with all the supplies he needs to do his homework. If nothing else, that has been a blessing. No more searching for a pencil or glue stick.

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