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What’s in your purse?

posted by Sarah on June 13, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Andi-Roo

    I use a drawstring backpack instead of a purse, which is easier on my back and much more convenient. I carry my car/house keys, iPod Touch {no phone, but I can use the iPod to text, keep grocery lists, check FB/Twitter/email, Kindle, etc.}, iPod charger, ear buds, wallet {including debit/credit cards, ID, checkbook, etc.}, Rx glasses, sunglasses, 1 notepad, 2 pens, a paper-bound book, gum, a granola bar, and 3 separate zipper bags {1. makeup, toothbrush/paste, extra hair-tie}, {2. feminine products/extra panties + socks}, {3. daily Rx medication + painkillers}.

    If this sounds more like an overnight bag than a purse, that’s cuz it is! 🙂 We live 30-60 minutes from ANYWHERE or EVERYONE, and it gets old having to run back home to pick up whatever I forgot to bring. Plans get cancelled and shopping trips get postponed because it’s too far away and I don’t have what I need.

    With my bag properly packed {I re-organize it every Sunday}, I can spend the night at my sister’s on a lark, sit through a car jam with zero issues, or even hop on a plane if I had to. My 20-yo son carries a drawstring bag as well, and packs similarly {sans girly stuff, obviously}, since he bounces between college, work, gym, and various friends’ houses across the city. Can’t say we aren’t prepared, right? lolz!!! 🙂

  • Bethany

    Just curious, but how much does it weigh now?

  • SarahButtonedUp

    They need a like button for post comments. 🙂 Love it!

  • SarahButtonedUp

    About 8 pounds. Still not perfect, but definitely going in the right direction!

  • Bethany

    Still lighter than mine, probably! I need to pare down.

  • J

    I can relate to your story. Around two weeks ago, it was my third time to be absent from work due to severe stiff neck. I was told it was probably due to my heavy handbag which I use for work everyday. The items in my handbag includes a hardbound planner, a notebook, a bag organizer, tissue papers, napkin, sheets of bond paper, pill case, hand sanitizer, a pen, wallet, credit card case, coin purse, a small pack of biscuits, my packed lunch. I haven’t tried weighing it, though I probably should.

  • Isabelle

    Wow! 33 pounds is a record that I’ve heard of. My every day purse is way too big. I can see my work from my house, so why do I need a bag filled with things as if I was far from home all day? Asprin, toothpicks, earbuds, extra bobby pins and hair ties, 3 pens, 3 usb memory sticks (almost the same stuff on all 3), long strap to clip on, too large of a wallet, a reusable bag, random candies, measuring tape, box of pills (asprin, allergy meds, muscle relaxers, etc), not to mention that the purse itself while amazing is super heavy on it’s own. I WORK ACROSS THE STREET! I only need my house key for Pete’s sake. But I hate being unprepared. 🙁

  • Isabelle

    I know! 😀

  • Kerensa Zieske

    My youngest has been out of diapers for four years now. I carry my cell phone in a case. The case is crammed with license, bank card, costco card, insurance card, library card, a few appt. reminders, sometimes a bit of cash and always a black ball point pen slide in the fold. My key ring clips to the bottom. My car is my purse 🙂

  • Victoriananana

    Oh wow, this makes me feel better! I just weighted mine and it was 18lbs though – no wonder I’m having problems with my shoulder. Definitely staging my own intervention now…

  • marilyn

    wow! do YOU even weigh that much and carrying around your little one????..Sarah, so glad you saw the light! Because I’m a teacher, I’m the QUEEN of BAGS! I usually carry 3 of them into school, total weight with papers to grade and projects, probably 50 pounds. With 6 grandchildren, I have LOTS of stuff in my purse, but….it is organized and I only carry the necessities! I have an over the shoulder bag with phone, tissue, wipes, snacks, make up bag, wallet. Me with all of my piles….I DO have an organized purse! good for you Sarah. yeah!!!

  • Donna

    I’m not sure how much mine weighs…but I carry a lot of stuff…and I have to admit…I have 2 bags…one is my purse and the other is a work tote…hauls all the “stuff” I need for work. I’m an admin/receptionist and have to carry the bulk of my stuff home daily or it disappears. I’m not sure how much that bag weighs…but it’s scary heavy! In my purse…wallet, sunglasses, readers, tissues, makeup/first aid bag, keys, pen case, photos, cell phone, mini flashlight & pocketknife, wipes! Not sure I want to post and admit all of this! LOL!

  • SarahButtonedUp

    🙂 I KNOW – I really think you’re on to something with the need to be prepared feeling. I think that’s my rationale for acting like a hoarder inside my purse, too. Sounds like you definitely need to dump yours out and start fresh.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    “My car is my purse.” Totally get that! And your back is better off because of it.

  • Isabelle

    Wow. That’s amazing still, and for a mom, lol!

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  • Andi-Roo

    I think “My car is my purse” is the best comment ever! Because while I carry my drawstring bag, my car has more goodies like an extra blanket and things I’d need for an overnight stay somewhere. So yeah, my car is my purse, too, heh heh! When I’m just driving my son to work or somewhere close by, I ditch the bag and just carry my wallet, which, like yours, has a clip for the keys. I guess it just depends how far I’m traveling from home!

  • Emily

    I also have a work bag and a purse; my purse is fairly smll, and I downsized to a smaller wallet just this spring. Helped a lot. Also my sons are older, 10 and 7, so they can pack their own bags for car trips and outings. But the car does indeed double as extra purse space for trips! 🙂 Love your tips and discussions here!

  • Ofelia, from México City

    I have tikd so many weight on my purse can damage my back… So, what did I do? Carry two bags, one messenger purse with my cosmetic bag, Rx glasses, sunglasses, wallet (for creditc card, id card, etc), note pad, pen, coin purse, zipper bags daily Rx medication, painkillers and vitamins, cell phone, cell phone charger, keys, tissues, hand sanitizers, toilet sanitizer, measuring tape, altoids, gum, Ipod, hand held, 2 USB memory sticks. I use a bag tote to carry my lunch, one book, bottle of water, umbrella. I have no car, so… “my car is my purse” don´t aply here.

  • Liz

    I was just thinking the same thing!

  • Mary Dickhaus Bellian

    I was told the size of your purse reflects your age so I shrank the size of my purse down to a small purse and holds only the essentials: my epipen, 1 emergency tablet allergy medicine, small bottle of advil, wallet, extra undies my mother told me you should always have clean underwear, maxi pads, pen, sunglasses, make up for touch ups, eye drops, chap stick and cell phone and sometimes mints and a granola bar. Although when I had children in diapers I also had one diaper and emergency wipes. If I ever get stuck in an airport overnight again I’m prepared.

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