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Q&A Wednesday: Help! I can’t crack through my to-do’s

posted by Sarah on March 20, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Meg Ferris

    I agree with your strategy. But I have one thing to add that has helped me enormously. Break down your tasks into small steps. In some cases, into ridiculously small steps. I worked on DIY and org projects for years, but was always daunted. I’d start but get overwhelmed. A friend suggested super baby steps (based on a book called The Kaizen Way). It says our brains can get panicked when a task is too big, and taking smaller steps side-steps that panic.
    I broke my to-do list into 3 lists: Mom, work, everything else. By not seeing EVERYTHING when I look at the list, I’m less confronted. It’s all there in my to-do app, so that helps me feel calm. But I don’t have to look at it all at once. My desk is now reasonably clean, and I finally finished a DIY project (restored 100 year old windows). Sometimes I do this with individual task. Like getting a big car repair (2 days w/o car). Took it step by step, and now it has new shocks, struts, tires, and even a car wash. So much calmer now.
    The take-home is break down projects/tasks into smaller chunks. They can be so small, but somehow the smallness builds and you can actually get done faster.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Agree with you 10,000% @google-4452a2f857d551d9a4893dad81050717:disqus. We are all SO guilty of having what amount to big projects masquerading as to-do’s on our lists. Once you get clear on the distinction, it’s amazing how much lessi intimidating that to-do list becomes.

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