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Four stick-to-it strategies when you’re feeling frustrated

posted by Sarah on March 14, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Elvis

    Hugh, I needed to hear this! I was feeling so flustered…… I sent out a business newsletter yesterday and right after I hit send, I noticed 3 errors. I was feeling so discouraged. Thank you for the uplifting words.

  • Andi-Roo

    OMG, I just wrote a piece today entitled “How to be a better whatever” that exactly encompasses this sentiment. And I wrote it precisely because I needed to hear it. How serendipitous to receive the message outside myself on the same day — validation I’m on the right track. Thank you so much for this! 🙂

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Glad it helped! I find I need constant reminding. 🙂

  • SarahButtonedUp

    @d380c00f0ee9c107dd1860b5403f483f:disqus – glad this gave you a boost when you needed it. I feel you on that cringe that that happens when you realize you sent something out with an error! D’oh. Hopefully the recipients didn’t notice (I’m definitely blind to small spelling errors b/c as long as the context makes sense – that’s what I pay attention to). Here’s to a great week. XO

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