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Reader question: Help! My sticky note reminders are taking over

posted by Sarah on February 27, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Scott R. Thomas

    I use post-its during the day, and the last thing I do at the end of every day is update those notes with any new information from the day, and turn then each into a prioritized (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3) task in MS Outlook. Then, I don’t have to remember the details anymore. I just need to pick which ones I am going to focus on each morning.

    I know…they have meds for this.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Love it, Scott! Assuming you toss each note at the end of the day once you’ve transferred it, right?

  • Jane Evans

    I have stickypad on my computer desktop, so have virtual notes on my screen as well as actual paper ones! (Oh and a noebook I dump everything else in, but never check thru.) Must get organised!

  • Stacey Vulakh

    I tend to use mine for errands – an address of a shop, or quick grocery list. Then either I complete the errand or transfer the info if it’s something I will need again – either way the sticky note doesn’t stick around. I think if it’s something I note down that would take 1-2 minutes to either transfer or just do, I skip the sticky note step and put it right into contacts or my calendar.

  • Andi-Roo

    I use sticky notes to record appts. I need to keep which arrive via email or phone. Then I instantly attach the sticky note to the corresponding date on my large wall calendar. Once a week I update my calendar to reflect the stickies, and transfer them from my calendar to my working journal. Since I toss each page (month) of the large wall calendar, the small stickies serve as a reminder of events I want to remember later on. Might sound silly, but since we are a split family this behavior has saved my butt in court more than once when attempting to recall specific dates of occurrences. Context is everything, so a journal entry along with a sticky note indicating an appt. I had that day helps jog my memory as well as validate any claims. This would also be helpful in an office setting, I would imagine.

  • Zoe Alexander

    I couldn’t live without my sticky notes. I use them for really emergencies! The main list is in my diary! They help me so much with my time management! Great post!
    Zoe xxx

  • Exhausted Linda

    I’m still detoxing, but I’m getting so much better! I have only a few stickies left and started using the virtual stickies on my desktop. They began to cover BOTH of my monitors, so I set up Notepad and moved everything there. I’m getting much better and am now not-so-much “Exhausted Linda” anymore! Thank you so much for your help and that of your readers!

    I’ve also started a voicemail journal. Every voicemail I get that needs action or a reminder, I write it down in my Red Journal, meaning they need action quickly. That’s become a habit now. I date each page, put the time next to each item, and notes about the action I took. This has saved me a great deal of time–and no stickies!

    I recently had surgery and am on sick leave until 4/29, so I’m getting a good non-sticky system going. When my husband comes in with a reminder of something for me to do (or a request), I still have a tendency to jot down a quick sticky rather than stopping what I’m doing at the time, but by the end of the day the stickies are gone, as I’ve moved the notes to where they belong and tossed the sticky. This is going to save me some $$ in constantly replenishing my sticky-note supplies, too. 🙂

  • passthetapetest

    I also sometimes simply stick the notes into my physical notebook (in an orderly, logical manner)

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