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Organizational tips to save money (and sanity) on Holiday travel

posted by Sarah on November 5, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Margaret

    On the #1 savings on gas tip, your math is off. You would save $30 if you bought 100 gallons of gas, if you could find it 30 cents a gallon cheaper (which is quite a stretch in itself). On a 100 mile round trip, our Suburban gets about 20 miles per gallon, so we would buy 5 gallons of gas, saving $1.50. Yes, when you put a tankful of gas in a Suburban you are looking to save as much as you can for each gallon.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Thanks for the note @af13f45a657c0fee099aed06f1d79055:disqus, clearly math is not my strongsuit. 🙂

  • Chris

    We are driving 1800km from Melbourne to Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay) later this week, then the same distance home again (via Sydney) two and a bit weeks later. Nothing like a short trip here in Australia! Anyway, thanks for your tips – love getting them every week!

  • SarahButtonedup

    I wish our comments had a “like” button! Safe travels!

  • Shei

    It’s SO true that planning can save time and money. I travel a lot not only for my job at DISH, but also because my family lives across the country. I’ve found that packing food is good for my wallet, and it can be good for the waistline. For entertainment, I use my DISH Remote Access app to watch live TV or my DVR recordings since it’s perfect for when I’m waiting for my flight or just killing time wherever I can get Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network.

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