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How to teach your kids to be organized

posted by Sarah on September 17, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Shifrah Combiths

    Guiding and developing a healthy executive function is such a huge part of what I feel my job as a parent is, and one doesn’t see it mentioned much; so glad it was brought up in this post.

    I’ve noticed with both my children, that even before the age of 3 there seems to be an innate love for rules and organization that comes out (I’m sure there must be a psychological term for this phase that I’m unaware of). I try to really use that window to encourage organizational skills and habits.

    Another thing I try to do is point out to the children how nice it feels when their/our environment is clean and organized — it’s another, though more subtle way, to give them positive feedback on the rewards of organization and cleanliness.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Shifrah. I love the idea of pointing out how nice it feels when the environment is clean and organized. Feelings about things are SO important – as they really do drive what children do.

    I wonder if that kind of subliminal message works for husbands too… 😉

  • Lisa Olson

    I like the desk in your photo, do you know where it is from?

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