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55 productive things you can do in 5 minutes

posted by Sarah on August 8, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Michelle King

     #16 should say that you can
    have any Tupperware lids replaced by a consultant in your area (all
    Tupperware pieces are guaranteed FOR LIFE…you’d be throwing good money
    away!)…replacing defective pieces is FREE 😉

  • Betsy Mae

    Thanks for the reminder of how quickly things can be done.  I often think it will take much longer to do a task than it actually does!  I am always pleasantly surprised at how much I can accomplish in a short amount of time. 

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  • Rebecca

    Awesome list. It’s a great reminder that you can accomplish something with just five minutes to spare!

  • lisapenn

    I can add these to the list of things you can do in 5 minutes: chocolate mug cake, start a compost pile, 5 minute ice cream, make your child feel special, meditate and train your dog to sit… Aren’t these cool? Foud them in a website dedicated for stuff you can do in 5 minutes:

  • Stephanie Frare Myers

    #16 Should be: Call your Tupperware lady to replace any lids that do not fit. Any cracks, peeling or the lids just don’t fit anymore are replaced for FREE!!! If you are missing a lid you can order a lid replacement.

  • Teresa

    Another idea – if you use an online money management software like Quicken, download your updates. My husband does this daily but I often forget and only do it once a week or so. I wish I remembered to do it more often – it takes just a few minutes that way.

    Another – clean out the fridge and get rid of stuff that’s inedible. Then, look at what you have that needs to be eaten soon and make a plan to use it. I had 4 bags of frozen spinach in my freezer because I just kept buying it and never using it. I ended up making the most delicious crustless quiche.

    Also, I like to write down on a list the things I do then cross them off. Even if I write it down AFTER I do it. At the end of the day, I see how much I accomplished and it motivates me to continue to be productive.

  • Cheryl

    @ point #16 – Tupperware usually has a lifetime warranty and you can usually get new lids for free or at least very cheap. If it’s just the lid that is broken or stretched, etc. save the planet and just get new lids.

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  • QoQo

    56. Read all this 😀

  • Jazx

    lol 😀

  • Mark

    If you are missing a lid you can order a lid replacement.

    a very good thought, +100500

  • James Ph. Kotsybar

    Why not vote for a good cause, like launching a poet’s
    career, literally, to Mars:

    MAVEN tastes the air

    too thin to hold oceans’ broth

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  • CJ


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