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“Do I have A.D.D.?” Tips on organizing to increase your focus

posted by GuestBlogger on July 10, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Heather Brown Henderson

    One very important factor in a healthy brain diet is fats.  So many of us are eating a lower fat diet and it’s causing us to lose focus.  Healthy fats include those found in nuts and seeds, fish, and avocados.

  • SarahButtonedUp

     Interesting “food for thought,” Heather! Thanks for sharing.

  • Philof

    I found it very useful! In fact I did two other tasks while reading this short article. I think my recent lack of exercise has now shown its true cost! I can see my to-do list needs to be revived as well! Thanks go the article, it certainly will get me back  to focusing and consistent!   

  • Becky

    I actually did not like this article AT ALL, which is surprising, given that I do enjoy most of the articles on this site. It was rather flippant of ADHD, as if it is something that only “developmentally delayed” people have. That kind of thinking went out with educated people in the 1990’s, and I’m saddened to see it still going on–and being published on a blog to boot. Yes, true ADHD is rare. But for those of us who do have it, hearing things like “oh, just sleep and exercise more” is like a slap in the face. The line “make an appointment with a doctor. It’s can’t hurt” is disgusting, frankly. It implies that because someone cannot organize their thoughts or actions, it’s a disability and that one can simply take a pill for that. In case you don’t actually know an adult with true ADHD, (which I suspect you do not, since you were so callous in this article) let me clue you in to something. Taking a daily pill is not a magic bullet. I have been on medication since college for my ADHD. It HELPS, but it certainly doesn’t magically change anything.

    The implication that one’s biggest challenge with ADHD is that he/she is disorganized is ridiculous. That is the least of my problems when dealing with my ADHD, lady, and coming to a blog about planning and organizing, only to be told that my diagnosis is my problem is like telling someone who has a child with ASD that their child would be wonderfully perfect if only he didn’t have ASD. Duh. We know. We don’t need MORE people pointing out how disorganized we are. It’s already lorded over most of us as it is.

    ADHD is not a stigma any longer. I suggest you get your head out of your butt and stop writing articles about things you know NOTHING about. Living with ADHD and a spouse with ADHD is the biggest challenge I have ever faced. How about some tips on how to organize instead of why you think people with a real disorder are somehow less worthy of an organized life or that we should just sleep and exercise more.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    @25cf644beed0af581adc94ebe7132dfc:disqus – I am very sorry that you heard those kinds of judgements coming through in this post. It absolutely, positively was NOT the intent. The actual intent was to say “please stop doing this” to all of the people who have NOT been diagnosed with this disorder and who casually throw around the phrase, “Oh I have ADD!” as an excuse. The article was expressly written for people who do NOT have ADD or ADHD.

  • Appy

    I have ADD, and it is extremely helpful for me to organize and use to do lists to make sure that I stay on track and do what I need to get done. I will not lie, however there are days where even with my medication, my brain will refuse to complete anything… I just use those days now to relax and reflect, then conquer what needed to be done the next day.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    @a8fa5cdea8ab3834fb3863aecc15431c:disqus – wise of you to accept where your brain is on those “non-cooperative” days and relax and reflect. We probably ALL could use more time for reflection and synthesis. Thanks for sharing.

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