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Buttoned Up > Everyday Life > Kids > Bus monitor bullies: how would you organize a punishment?

Bus monitor bullies: how would you organize a punishment?

posted by Sarah on June 22, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    This is because there was a generation raised without having any type of respect instilled in them.  What a bunch of disgusting children.  I would love to put them and their parents on display and let people tell them what disgusting human beings they are.  Sorry, the ones to blame here are the parents…they did not raise their kids with any scruples.

    UGGHGH  this makes me SO ANGRY.  First, a child speaking to an adult like that?Second, and ELDERLY adult?Third, the LANGUAGE?Fourth, they see her crying and CONTINUE the behavior.

    Those are bunch of little sociopaths.  If that were one of my kids, I would be signing them up for one of those juvenile delinquent bootcamps IMMEDIATELY.  Let’s see how they take someone screaming in their face for awhile.

    Rant over…so sad…agree that money does not solve everything, but maybe in this case the lady can retire and not have to hang around by a bunch spoiled little brats all day long.

    I have two daughters who are 4.5 and 3.  I noticed the older girl playing with her ponies one day she had one pony in the center and the other ponies in a circle facing away from the one in the middle.  She was saying “we don’t to play with you, you’re different”.  My first reaction was fear, that she had been treated that way…what causes a little to do that?  Then sadness at the thought of someone doing that to her.

    I took her into my bathroom and sat her on the counter so we could face the wall to wall mirror.  I asked her if our hair was the same or different, and went about all the features that we have that are different.  Then I turned her right around to look in my eyes and asked her if she loved me?  She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss and said “Yes, I love you mommy”.  And I replied, “I love you too.  You and I are different, and that is ok.  That is what makes us special, and that is what makes me love you.  Everyone is different, and special.  You should never be mean to anyone just because they are different and don’t EVER let anyone be mean to you because you are different”  

    None of those kids’ parents ever taught them that…

  • SarahButtonedUp

     @1450105f16d328e1b9ac6e340780f44d:disqus – okay you just made me tear up with that beautiful exercise you did with your daughter. I am SO doing that with my guys. What a wonderful, wonderful idea! XO

  • Jennifer Roberts

    I’m absolutely disgusted by this whole thing (especially since it happened not far from where I live), but I’m moved by the public outpouring of support for this woman.

    My punishment ideas were almost identical to yours. Community service at a nursing home, or some other organization that cares for the elderly would be a particularly good idea. Apologizing in person is, I think, the most important part of the punishment.

  • Wst_myers

    Make them volunteer in a place like a bariatric ward to make them see that overweight people ARE people.  Maybe working next to the people for a while will get them to change their ways.

  • Mellisa

    I drove a school bus for 16 years and this stuff was common. It got so bad the police used to park along my route somewhere to let the kids see them hoping they would calm down and twice had to come onto the bus to remove kids who were beating others. I’d get hit, things thrown at me, fires lit…this was 10 years ago. I am glad this getting to the public eye is bringing light to this subject but this is NOT rare. The schools have their hands tied, the bus company just wants the contracts/$ and the parents dump the problem on the other two. Many drivers got fired because THEY didn’t have control of the kids. You have their lives in your hands as well as all others on the road. This is a crazy situation. I am happy to hear the Big $$ this lady has had donated to her. 

  • Anne Marie

    Actually, I think I would have their grandparents sit down and speak to them too.  Tell them how THEY would feel if a child did those horrible things to them; how ashamed they are of their grandchildren’s behavior and shocked and saddened.  What if Karen had children or grandchildren who saw their rude behavior, how would they feel?  How would they feel if their MOM was treated that way?  And I would take away all electronic devices and no more friendships with the other kids involved – period!  Someone was the ringleader, and who needs their kids with a leader who is hell bent on pain instead of easing suffering?  Just an idea.

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