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Enter the March #GetButtonedUp Challenge!

posted by Sarah on February 29, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • CaliAlly

    I tried in January…didn’t happen after the holidays but followed the February one via Facebook. This time I want to officially sign up!

  • CaliAlly

    Oops! Facebook name is: Alison Benoit Wortman

  • SarahButtonedUp

     @226db1bb86fd1aa807a4a6e76c8fc2af:disqus – welcome to the challenge!!

  • Jeni McIntyre

    I would love to join in!  Do you have a printable with all of the tasks/days on one page?  

  • Bonnie L-T

    I am in…hope work doesn’t get in the way this month,. 😉

  • Angie

    I am in.

  • Lori Cruikshank

    Lori Cruikshank
    Excited!!!! : )

  • Debra

    Ok, I’m in! 🙂  I have been watching the Facebook posts each day for the other challenges.  I’m excited to finally participate in one.  

  • eileen marie

    I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this challenge!

  • budgles

    “If you don’t know me by now…you will never, never know me…” Eileen Alps on fb! 🙂

  • Samantha Gettler

    My Facebook name is: Samantha Gettler. 

  • Samantha Gettler

    And I LITERALLY just said yesterday… I hope someone comes up with a budget finances blog! 🙂

  • Macdaisy_2004

    I am so doing this!!  I am super excited.  I am currently working on a household notebook!  Help me with organizing my life!  My name is Melissa Keyes Yorgason

  • Lisa Lopes-Marks

    I’m in…Lisa Lopes-Marks on Facebook

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  • Paulieangel

    I can’t stop now! Love u guys!

  • Filomena

    I’m in! My facebook name is Filomena Alves

  • Rubonsrule

    Count me in!

  • Stevi S

    I’m in! But I do not have a facebook account, is there another way to participate?

  • Rubonsrule

    OOPS!  My facebook name is Kelly Burklund Carey.

  • Jkuehner63

    I’m excited to join this challenge. I’m sure I will learn so many useful tips on saving money. 

  • Kit @ DIYdiva

    I’m in… totally need this, this month. Facebook: Kit Stansley

  • Rory Tendore

    I am planning to join. My posts will not happen until the evening when I am home but I plan to post daily beginning on March 5th. Adding tasks to my phone now!

  • Cynthia Hahn

    I’m in – facebook name is Cynthia Hahn!

  • Dawn

    I’m in!  I desperately need to start using my established filing system, plus tame receipts.    Facebook name:   Dawn Houghtaling Van Boxtel

  • MommyGoose

    I’m in!  I did January and loved it!  I didn’t have time in February, but will make time in March!  🙂
    -Maggie Slater

  • Alicia England Mann

    I am so in!  I am ready to see some green!  🙂

  • Devon

    OK, I’m in!  Hopefully I can stick with it 🙂

  • Devon

    Forgot to put my FB name:  Devon Prescott Taft

  • Lisa

    I am joining this challenge. Thanks!

  • Danielle

    I’m in! FB name is Danielle Collins McIntosh

  • Christy

    Of course I’m in again!! =)  You guys rock, and I’m learning and organizing a lot!!

  • Stacey

    I’m going to try this month’s challenge.  February was a whirlwind for me, but I really would like to get my self organized, so I am back!!!!  Thank you!!  I love your site!!!!

  • Michelle

    <3 an organized life!  Facebook = Michelle Kessler

  • Debbie A

    I am going to try this too. I work three days a week, so a couple days may have to do two things, but will give it my best!  Debbie 

  • LuckyWife

    Facebook post on challenge done.  Norma Pinedo Davis in!

  • Stevi S

    Have a facebok now, Name is Rachel Stevi

  • Jen

    Whoo hoo! I’m ready for the challenge

  • Sarah

    Officially signing up again, but hopefully I can finish this time! We’ve been working on finances anyway so this should be a good help. 🙂  Facebook name is Sarah Unsicker

  • Joymarie

    Joymarie Suzuki

  • Fran Horcher

    Hey I up for the challenge!  Facebook name is Mary Frances Horcher

  • Amyzta118

    Okay, I’m in! 

  • Deanne Barnard Lachner

    Well, what have I got to lose? Aside from stress, clutter, confusion, etc… ;o)

  • Alicia England Mann

    Yep, Alicia England Mann is my FB, too.

  • Heidi L.

    I shall give it a go!  
    FB Name:  Heidi Holland Lambeth

  • Luvdawings

    Ok lets do this thing!

  • MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    I think I am going to join this one!

    Shantique Gallagher Rozell

  • Niamarie

    Nia Mcintyre is my face book name

  • Jennifer Thomas Norris

    I am new to this, but up for a challenge.

  • Amanda Nilan

    I’m in.  Amanda Nilan on Faceboook

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