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How to battle with a picky eater and win (UPDATED WITH WINNER)

posted by Sarah on January 30, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Gina

    I absolutely love the Sneaky Chef books and would LOVE to add this new title to my collection. With two kids both doing a couple of after-school clubs AND sports (practices and games for each) – we do a LOT of running around.  It’s hard to find time to make nutritious meals and stay out of the drive-through line! Having a fast and nutritious recipes would be a godsend! 🙂

  • Alicialovesmovies

    I don’t have a Sneaky Chef book and have been banging my head against the wall with ideas on how to quickly feed my two kids.  I’ve got a five year old boy and almost two year old little girl!  And they’re picky!  Working full time and never knowing what to fix for dinner-this would be a massive time saver and it would make my head stop hurting from all the wall banging! 

  • Sandra

    I received a Sneaky Chef book as a gift and I love the recipes…on the weekends when life is less crazy. I would love this edition!

  • Mrseshotwell

    SIgh…..think I may NEED this….our almost 4 year old has decided he will ONLY eat pb and nutella sandwiches and the occasional apple….

  • Bryanna Smith

    I definitely need this book.  My two year old will not eat any veggies at all!

  • Jodi

    I’ve been very intrigued by this concept, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Zballee

    Avocado: love it.  Cucumber: love it.   Seemingly perfect dinner salad combo for the girls:  cucumber+ avocado.  Mais non! Of course I had mixed all together leaving no elements of cucumber unadulterated by avocado + vice versa in the serving platter.  Ah rookie mistake!

  • Db123

    There are 6 of us, we eat a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Now, my 10 year old (the oldest) is balking! School friends are to blame I think. It is a delicate time. I would love to give it a try so she remembers she really does like healthy food.

  • Trish

    This would be great to win as I’m always up for new ideas.  My youngest refuses to eat any vegetable she can see. I also can’t get her to eat whole wheat breads of any kind.  I keep putting these items in front of her and telling her that she will like them if she trys, but she holds her resolve!

  • Paulieangel

    I would love this…tho my 3 yo does really well with fruit and a few veggies ( broccoli trees and spinach sometimes) I would love to get more in, and puréed are perfect since I will be making bby food too!

  • Christi Woodworth

    Ha! My DD isn’t refusing anything yet at 13 months, but one day, I’m sure it will come and we’ll just power through. Would LOVE to have the book to help!

  • Renee

    I’ve borrowed the Sneaky Chef book from the library and the recipes were a great way to get extra nutrients into my hubby and kids! I continue to make smoothies with purple puree on a regular basis!

  • budgles

    I would use this on my husband!  And Sarah, this post made me literally LOL. 🙂

  • SarahButtonedUp

    🙂 If I don’t laugh…I cry. 🙂 Couldn’t you just FEEL that mwahahaha moment when i got the healthy veg in him without him knowing?

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Hardly a rookie mistake.

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  • Jenifer

    I could really use this book!  I have a 4 year old that will surprisingly scarf down any and all vegetables.  She loves them.  My 6 year old son on the other hand is my picky eater and always has been.  We do have some dinner time rules such as “can’t get down until you have one bite of everything” and “if you want a treat after dinner you must finish your vegetables” but sometimes I just want dinner with no fight.  Having drama at the dinner table every single night is exhausting!  This mama needs a break but I still want my kiddos to eat healthy.  Thanks for positing!

  • Suzanne Ledford

    Very cool! She has some amazing ideas.

  • Jodi

    Perfect timing!  I have twin 3.5 year old girls that have always loved veggies UNTIL a friend at their preschool taught them that veggies I quote…”are yucky”  So, now my girls are convinced that all veggies are indeed yucky.  So frustrating!

  • MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    Oh I need this!  Not only do I have a picky child, she has a milk allergy too.  So we are so limited in what she can and will eat…right now it’s a rotation of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, meatballs and that’s pretty much it.  We need help big time.  I had done some research on Missy’s work a while back, but never moved forward.  While I was researching though, Missy was kind enough to personally respond to some questions I had about substituions for food allergies.  She was really sweet…would LOVE this!

  • Tammie

    This sounds like a great addition to the other Sneaky Chef books.  Would love fast recipes.

  • Filomena Alves

    Here in Portugal we don’t have those books and it would be great to have one. I don’t have kids but I am a little person and I must eat like a child (the daily portions) so I think this would be perfect for me… come on… please 😉

  • Tammy G

    Love the Sneaky Chef recipes!  I have all of the books but this new one.  My husband is always joking with me about “where did I hide the carrots in this meal?” 🙂

  • azmomof2

    I love the Sneaky Chef books, and would love the quicker recipes. Thanks!! 

  • Rachel

    I would LOVE a copy!

  • Tawn

    I need this book! Now!

  • Handycows

    I so need the Speedy Sneaky Chef!

  • Jeweltx

    Would love the book so I could try some more of her great ideas out, I have a need for speed when cooking for the family!

  • Jessica

    I love the sneaky chef recipes. I don’t have to put my energy into
    Fighting my picky eater. With the hidden veggies,
    I can rest assured my child(and hubby) get the nutrition
    He needs.

  • Christine Fawson

    This is sooo my life right now. My son will not eat veggies unless I sneak them in! That is why I love the Sneaky Chef books. 

  • Jude48

    I love Sneaky Chef—my two very (very) picky eaters are my grandchildren. They love the brownies especially (so did the adults!) but it would be wonderful to have recipes that are quick to make for them. I was thrilled when I read that you have a new book with exactly what I was hoping for.

  • Kerrim

    I have all of the sneaky chef’s books and love them! Would love to add another one to my collection!

  • Emly

    I would love to have this book! I have a teenage daughter who has a blood disorder and have been reading up on and trying to eat healthier to help her.

  • Jaymeg629

    I have the world’s pickiest 7 year old!!! Meal time is a constant fight! Would love to have this book to get a little more nutrition in what few bites he eats in a day! 🙂

  • Michele

    I have a 4 year old and two almost two year olds who have decided to stop eating almost everything I make.  I have the Sneaky Chef to the Rescue and that book has changed the way I cook.  Now I am always trying to find ways to sneak veggies into everything I cook.  I would love to have The Speedy Sneaky Chef!

  • Kerri

    I would love to get this new book to give to my sister.  My 4 year old nephew, Jonah, will not eat any vegetables.  Since he is deathly allergic to dairy, his diet is already limited and the options to sneak healthy foods in is also limited.  I got my sister the 1st Sneaky Chef book and would love to be able to give her another to give her more options.

  • Db123

    Was so excited, I thought it was today. check back tomorrow.

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