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Strategies for organizing spices

posted by Sarah on January 18, 2012 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Sheila Marquez

    Thanks Sarah! We were fortunate and had this great cabinet when we moved in. It is very nice. Having spices labeled not only on the side but also on top helps (since we are looking from above). Placing them in alphbetical order also helps and easy to find.

  • Terrijmorris

    My spices are organized and it’s worth it. I use a Tupperware system that stacks on a revolving holder. The containers come in two sizes and the smaller ones stack to equal one large one so everything stays in a row. I think it’s part of the Modular Mates line.

  • Chelsea

    I have a very un-glamourous system, but it works well for me! Since I tend to buy spices in those plastic, resealable envelopes, I store them in three small card board boxes. I organize them: Sweet, Savoury and Potent. This way, they take up less space, but I still avoid rummaging for the spice I need!

  • Elli

    Thanks for the inspiring photos! I’m in awe of all the creative ideas for organizing spices.  I have so little real estate in my kitchen that organizing is often a challenge and rarely has glamour results, but my spice bins really work well for us since we spices and extracts were always falling on the floor from the cramped shelf. It’s a huge improvement. The project didn’t take long once I had all the spices in one place — but it took me two hours because, as you know, one project leads to another, and I ended up organizing the WHOLE pantry that night (in a black out, using headlamp and flashlight! lol).

  • Elli

    That built in is my dream! : ) 

  • budgles

    I WISH we had bought those pre-packed McCormick spice mixes instead of having a huge containers of spices we probably will never use again but were pretty $$.

  • Sheila Marquez

    I am pretty sure these cabinets and parts were pick ups from Home Depot.  I was recently at Lowe’s and they have a lot of sliding kitchen drawers and neat organizational things.  I am sure you could find something similar.  You might be surprised!

  • Ellen

    Since the early 70s, I’ve used the same large wall-hung spice rack made by my husband from simple materials. I always paint it to match the wall on which it is hung. In this house, it hangs behind the door that opens to the kitchen from the dining room, not far from the stove. The bottom shelf is taller than the others, so larger containers fit there and smaller containers on the two shelves above it. It works great – and everyone who sees it loves it. (I’ve also never given it up when we’ve sold a house.) As much as possible, spices are alphabetical, but that has to be a little flexible, based on size.

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