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Join the January #GetButtonedUp Challenge!

posted by Sarah on December 22, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Antoinette Deshaies

    Mail in and out box bought and set up. Hutch filled and appliance cupboard cleaned and organized – now all the kitchen counters are cleared. Holiday tree put away and bins bought for hutch to organize dvds. we are of to a great start.

  • Antoinette Deshaies

    Not sure how to get pics sent yet but will check with a friend and post soon

  • Janis Brett Elspas

    Sounds great I’m in too. My Facebook like page is MommyBlogExpert or on Twitter @MommyBlogExpert:twitter

  • Txsoutherngirl1958


  • Txsoutherngirl1958

    Moved recently & need organization quickly & for it to continue-I’m in & am going to try to have the other members of my household to follow this.

  • Jaskirat Singh

    Im in too! jaskiratsingh76

  • Scottismith

    scotti watson smith is in! love the motivation and accountability! thank you

  • Ericaj25

    I would like to join, is it too late? I did the junk mail challenge today without even knowing that you had started this awesome challenge, we must be on the same wave length!

  • zuks38

    I’m late, but I’m still in! My FB is Joymarie LaRosa Suzuki.

  • Tennkat57

    I’m in, a little late! Facebook name is Kathy Knotts

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  • Judith

    I ‘m in, just a little late! Facebook name is Judith G. Russell.

  • slopes69

    I’m in…my facebook name is Lisa Lopes-Marks

  • Ramona

    I can’t find where on Facebook to post my daily challenge photo! Could someone please direct me?

  • Melissa S

    I’m in!  Face Book name:  Melissa Davis Southerland

  • Antoinette Deshaies

    ok, i think the fam now understands the mail system.

  • Tiffany F.

    I’m in! So excited.

  • Rayna Novak

    I am in for the challenge….Rayna Novak

  • Tasha147

    I’m in a few days but better now than not. Facebook. Natasha Horsham

  • Sunybear6

    I’m Brittany Secore, and I’m in!

  • Keri

    I’m late but I’m in!  My FB name is Keri Kaiser Howard. 

  • Christi Woodworth

    Hi, thought I commented from my phone over the wknd – I’m so in and can be found at Christi Ostendorf Woodworth on FB.

  • Tcbusby1

    Im in!! Hope this will hold me accountable!

  • Tcbusby1

    Facebook name is
    Tyra Christian Busby-ALABAMA

  • Luisa

    Am in… My FB name is Luisa Morgan (San Diego, CA).  I downloaded the PDF and will catch up soon. 
    Thanks for doing this for us…

  • Melodie Wisdom

    OK I’m 3 days late but Im joining!!! better late than never!!!
    FB is Melodie Wisdom

  • Schtanzerl

    I’m in, my FB is
    Schtanzerl Pfeifer

  • Ajo Gibson

    In! It must be Amy day. Amy Gibson on facebook.

  • Kelly

    Count me in…Kelly Brakenhoff (Kelly Harkness)….Is the picture a “must” to be included in the drawings?  My phone is not picture-friendly and uploading a pic daily from my digital camera just isn’t going to happen. 😉

  • Guest

    Why not?  I’m giving it a try.  Lesley Thacker on facebook. 

  • Tanya6ellis

    This is just what I need! My facebook name is Tanya Ellis Price

  • Sandra H

    I know I’m late to the party, but please count me in!  FB is Sandra Kramer Henderson. Thanks!

  • michelle maginnis

    Yea! I’m in!! My facebook is Michelle Sainz Maginnis. sooo need this!

  • Vonerific

    Im Von! This is going to be FUN!

  • Vonerific

    My facebook name is Yvonne Roll Peterson

  • Amyshores

    I’m joining the challenge; better late than never!  I’ll do catch-up tasks! I’m Amy Grupenhoff Shores on FB. And in real life. 🙂

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  • Andrea Winghart

    I’m also joining the challenge late and will do catch-up. I’m Andrea Lentz Winghart on FB.

  • Jody

    OMG, yes,I am in! We had baby #2 in September and the house has greatly suffered. I need this!

  • Mildred Maggie Mozdzen

    So I am starting today! Better late than never!

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  • Debirightmer

    Im in….Debi Rightmer

  • Db123

    Can I still join? Sounds like a good plan. 

  • Hollie Sehrt

    Of course you can still join! 🙂

  • Db123

    ok great, my FB name is  BJ andCharlotte DeBardeleben

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  • Woodlebugg

    I just stumbled on this and even though its too late to officially join i would love to do some catch up on this!! so great thank you so much for sharing!! my facebook name is Whitney Alexander Nolan 🙂 have a great sunday!

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