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Back-to-Basics Birthdays

posted by Sarah on July 6, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Ncm

    I love this post!  Now I don’t feel like a lone crabby parent who literally can’t stand goody bags and overdone birthday parties.  We have done some “big” parties for our four kids occassionally(mostly just to take the pressure of planning one off me!)  I almost always incorporate a craft into a party and that’s the “goody” they can take home with them.  It works and gives them something to do while at the party too.

  • Jaskolka5

    With three kids and a total of 26 bithday parties (so far), I have never gone over a $75 budget for a single party with 8 to 12 guests.
    After witnessing conversations among their friends, I can proudly say we have managed to make their parties the most memeorable because they were simple–let the kids run around and play–but with a theme. 
    Birthday cakes are homebaked and decorated by the birthday child.  Favors are usually appropriate to the theme and usually part of the party craft.
    One of the big things for us is that often birhtday parties have been costume events where the kids are invited to dress up as part of the theme.  Many parents love that the kids get to wear the costumes for more than Halloween and Purim.

  • Maureen

    Have the birthday girl/boy help make decorations. We still have simple paper fish hanging from our dining room table lamp. Cutting, painting, hanging — it was a lot of fun to do as a craft project a couple days before. 

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