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Help! My wallet needs a makeover

posted by Mary Kate Frank on May 24, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Michelle

    I have so many different membership cards, discount cards, hotel and airline cards that I use a business card folder to keep them organised. It’s slim and compact so I can still carry it in my handbag but it is out of my wallet so I can just keep my credit cards/ATM cards and drivers license in my wallet. I also have two compartments in my wallet – one for paper money and the other for receipts I need to keep. I clear the receipts one regularly and put them in my filing.

  • SarahButtonedUp

    Michelle – what a great idea! Plus there are so many cute business card holders out there, you don’t have to compromise on fashion either. Thanks so much for sharing your tip.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for suggesting an app to organize my rewards cards, etc.  I chose CardStar and am beyond thrilled with it.  🙂

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