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Do you clean like your mom?

posted by Sarah on May 5, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Todd

    Great post Sarah. xoxoxo

  • Meagan Francis

    Aw, this was really touching, Sarah! I share so many traits with my mom as far as the way she cleaned go…everything from the way she wiped down tables to the way she lined up the chairs when she sweeps under the dining-room table! I love that that little bit of her lives on through me.

  • Marieadeledennis

    Sarah – I love it. Thank you!! Makes me smile from ear too ear!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this post. How wonderful for you and your family to be reminded daily of your loved ones! I don’t think I actually have a cleaning/organizing type memory, but others! Thank you for sharing!

  • Paula Krueger

    I love when you do something simple and it makes you think of a loved one!

  • Susie Kline

    Awhile ago I was speaking to one of my cousins and we were talking about our compulsive need to have towels hung perfectly. I was telling my sons to make sure they at least leave my towels in the “proper” position last week and one of them called me “Monk.”

    Who knew all families have cleaning rituals?!

    xo Susie

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