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No willpower? Try this!

posted by Sarah on February 15, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Anne Marie

    YES! IF I diet, THEN I will lose weight. It’s that first IF I seem to have a problem dealing with. Perhaps if I change it to IF I join WW, THEN I will lose weight to get that off my list; then change it again to IF I FOLLOW WW, Then I will lose weight.
    I like the logical link here and will try it and let you know! – AMF

  • Sarah

    Anne Marie,
    Maybe you could try out a bunch of different scenarios. So, if snacking is a vice, change it to IF I’m hungry and it’s not mealtime, THEN I will drink 2 glasses of water, etc.
    Do keep us posted!

  • Julie

    What are your thoughts on the “when”/”then” statements? “When” is more deliberate and concrete than “if”, but does it imply a different meaning in a small way?

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