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Why Valentine’s Day is necessary

posted by Sarah on February 14, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Anne Marie

    Well, my husband and I tell each other multiple times a day how much we love each other. We always have – that’s just part of our vocabulary, our conversations – and we mean it. We also tell our family and friends we love them constantly so we are covered there. I personally believe that Valentine’s Day is more for the dating crowd – an excuse to say I love you. I don’t need that excuse! – AMF

  • Sarah

    Anne Marie – you are lucky! It’s always nice to hear of couples who truly appreciate one another every day.

  • kem

    Well sarah to be honest with you I didn’t even remember it was valentine’s day why? Because I don’t think it takes one day for a spouse to show that he loves you it should shown be all year around. A relationship takes nurturing,compromising,time and most of all commitment and I don’t think all of those things can be shown in 1 day…don’t get me wrong its beautiful to go to dinner and get gifts on that day but if it only takes that 1 day to appreciate our relationship I don’t want it. And my spouse feel the exact same way.

  • Sarah

    I couldn’t agree more. Funnily enough I was just putting the finishing touches on a guest post for another site about how the fact that my husband worked hard to trick himself into actually putting dirty clothes IN the hamper (vs. on top, which made me nuts) was the most romantic thing he’s ever done. And I mean that! It’s the little demonstrations in the every day/mundane reality that say the most.
    Sounds like you and your spouse share the same sentiment and are the stronger for it. Happy Valentine’s day/week/month/year. 😉

  • victorian inn restaurant

    The valentine day’s importance is proven here that we share love with our family, parents, and neighbors.  This day is also good for peace and love.

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