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Ask Your Guru: organizing a dissertation

posted by Anne Marie on January 25, 2011 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Debra

    Terri, another thing that will help tremendously is to buy a good stash of index cards. You can use them to make flash cards to use for studying for exams, which makes study-time much more effective. You can also use the cards for notes for your dissertation. They will save a lot of time on the writing part because you can rearrange your cards to explore various ways of organizing the information before you start writing. This cuts down on a lot of the rewriting and revising time. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Sarah

    Debra has a great idea with the index cards! Be sure to get a supply of rubber bands too! LOL. Anyone else have ideas for Terri? Let us know!

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