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New Online Tool – Allowance Manager

posted by Sarah on November 8, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Vera from Lady and the Blog

    I have to admit in this day and age I like the idea of having a third party to go to for this information. I used to get pocket change – but that’s just not the way of the world these days, right?

  • Anne Marie Furie

    Vera – what’s really cool, and I didn’t realize it when I first tried it out – is that they send you a weekly report on your account/kid’s account! – AMF

  • Shantique

    When is a good age to start something like this. My babies are little, but after the past two years in financial turmoil for my husband and I, I really want to give my kids a great base of knowledge to manage their money right!

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