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Building a Family with Weeknight Meals

posted by Anne Marie on October 28, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Vera from Lady and the Blog

    We eat dinner together every single night. It’s become part of our routine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Shantique

    My actual works schedule is a normal 8 hour day, but I commute through Atlanta traffic and sometimes get to daycare for my kids @ 5:20 other times 6:20. They are almost 3 and 17 mos and by that time they are STARVING. Often I have to rush through making something for them (although I make sure they have a protein, a fruit, a vegetable and bread on their plates) sit them down to eat in their highchairs and then start making dinner for us because my husband sometimes gets home @ 7! To compound things, my oldest daughter is not only a PICKY (she gets this from me!) eater but she also has a milk allergy, so her diet is a little more limited!

    I would love to sit as a family, but most times my husband gets home and we rush through our dinner, then have to run to give the girls their bath and get the little one to bed by 7:15 (they have to be up at 5:45am to go to daycare). This is already a dilema for us and we don’t even have activities yet!

  • Anne Marie

    Shantique – when your girls are a little older and in school, your schedule may loosen up a little. Have you thought about packing something in YOUR lunch bag for an after Daycare healthy snack you can give the girls until you are home? Just an idea. So long as you are there talking to your girls as they eat, and Dad talks to them when he gets home, you are still creating memories and bonding with your kids. Enjoy them at this stage! – AMF

  • Shantique

    Anne Marie,

    Luckily, the kids are not stuck in the traffic! Just me! Their daycare is about 3 minutes from home! We chat it up in the car and then we get home and they scream their heads off until food is in front of them!! (They do get a snack at daycare, around 4:30…but hey they are growing girls!) I get them their food as quickly as I can and then they eat it (usually, while wwatching Super Why or Little Einsteins…yikes) so I can get our dinner started. Don’t get me wrong…when the hubby and I sit down to eat, they are right under us looking for a little of what we have too! Amazingly, they are not overweight. The 17 mo probably gets the worst of things because she is not a happy camper staying up past about 7:15, so on nights when we are late she gets very little time with us. The almost 3 year old, is a chatterbox and doesn’t stop until she passes out, so I think she is very content with the amount of time and attention she gets. I think I’m the one that longs for the family dinner…those June Cleaver moments! It IS a very sobering moment, when you realize, you truly cannot do EVERYTHING!


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