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HT (Hormone Therapy) Duration, Type Affect Breast Cancer Risk

posted by Anne Marie on October 12, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • jeffrey dach md

    What I find incredible is that neither of the two JAMA articles mentions the fact that Progestins are chemically altered versions of Progesterone. Nor do any of these articles even mention one word about Progesterone, which is the original human hormone that the drug companies are trying to copy. The synthetic copy is called a Progestin, an inferior, “monster” hormone that causes breast cancer. Progesterone is safer and more effective than any of the chemically altered progestins. So why not use progesterone? None of the articles say this. I find this form of self-censorship to be astounding. Doctors reading this JAMA article are being led to believe that Progesterone does not even exist. It does exist. It is even FDA approved .

    for more:

    jeffrey dach md

  • Sarah

    Dr. Dach – thank you for your insight and a link to further reading on the subject!
    We try to offer information that we feel will be helpful for women in discussing health issues with their doctor in terms of breast cancer and hormone treatment. As lay people we depend on input from informed persons in the medical profession to keep us abreast of what the latest info actually is! Sad that the articles did not address the progestins/progesterone difference. Thank you for letting us all know.

  • Breast augmentation

    Overweight women had risk of breast cancer. A studies shows that 65% women have breast cancer last year. I wish that science will be develop a effective therapy which would be helpful to breast cancer patients.
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