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The Disturbing Link Between Autism & Environmental Toxins

posted by Sarah on September 1, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Scargosun

    Great post! For years I have been thinking that environmental factors are probably the number one cause of a range of conditions and disorders. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and I think that the ‘improving’ of our way of life has led to some not so great ‘improvements’ that cause more problems than good.

  • Kelly

    I’ve been doing most of this for a while now, just because it’s the right environmental thing to do. I also dilute cleaners etc. so the impact on the environment is lessened. I may have to soak or scrub a little longer, but compared to what our ancestors had to do, I think I’ve got it easy! I had NO idea these chemicals could be feeding into the Autism phenomenon! Wow!

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