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Tool: Free Printable Up & Out Labels

posted by Hollie on August 2, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Lara

    I put the older kids clothes in the huge reclosable bags (eg ziploc) I can see through them and label them with sizes and season.

  • AmyAdelle

    I really like these!  The seasons idea is AWESOME!

    The ability to change ‘YEARS’ to ‘SIZE’ for the older kids would be nice. (Ex: my tall 6 year old wears a size 7, my 4 year old started wearing size 5 a couple of months after his 4th birthday. Referring to a size number instead of an age number makes it easier for my hubby and boys to understand!)

    More ideas:
    We keep two small square plastic baskets on the shelf of the boys’ closet labeled  “GIVE AWAY” for Goodwill/Salvation Army donations and “RESALE SHOP” for the finer/expensive/ almost new items that we can sell or trade at our favorite resale shop.  Matching labels for these baskets would be nice. 

    I would also like to see ones made for the clothes hanging in the closet too! You could fit three to a page with a circle and line cut out so it could be hung on a closet rod. (Either printed on cardstock, or printed on paper and attached to paperboard/posterboard/cardstock/etc…)

    With all three of my kids I found that newly gifted outfits as well as hand-me downs were better utilized when we hung them up according to size. (Before I figured this out, my oldest son outgrew numerous outfits before he wore them… out of sight, out of mind!)

    Now with one child wearing size 5 and the other wearing a size 7, we decided to keep size 5, 6, 7, (and a few size 8 items we’ve acquired) hanging up in the closet and these tags have helped us to keep everything straight. (Adding a second clothing rod in the closet made this possible.) We do the same thing with dresser drawers… we label the inside of the drawer with the size and season of clothing. (the top thin edge of the side so you see it when you look down into the drawer) The boys love it as much as we do.

  • Bethany Mallett Stephens

    Love the concept! These don’t seem to layout correctly for printing, though – fonts and icons are overlapped. Is there a PDF instead of only the word option? I’m on an iPad, so that could be the issue…

    Thank you! Working on a blog post of most useful sites for 2013 and will definitely include GBU. Completely love it and am stoked to start the bootcamp challenge next week. I’m dying for a copy of Pretty Neat as well – is there an ebook option as well or just print?

    Please let me know if you ever need ambassadors or guinea pigs – I’m at your disposal! 🙂

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