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Guest Guru: U-Pack – 10 best shortcuts to get your house ready for a move

posted by Anne Marie on July 13, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Courtney

    moving file

  • moving companies Lincoln NE

    Reading about moving tips can surely be helpful for moving families or individuals so that stressful situations can be minimized. When applied, these suggestions will greatly help.

  • SarahButtonedUp

     Thanks! We agree wholeheartedly. The trick (as always) is to actually take the steps, right? How often do you see your clients skip steps to their peril? Which ones get overlooked most often?

  • Busy Bee

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of information. Moving is a stressful job. These shortcuts will definitely lessen the difficulties of relocation. For more tips on moving, visit

  • Madeline Miller

    Great tips! I will definitely take advantage of them!
    Madeline Miller

  • Christian Reese

    Great list of tips. I’d like to add one which I recently read and found quite important. Prepare a first night box. Start putting items in it early just as you would in any other box. Canned food, snacks, eating utensils and toiletries are just some examples of essential items. You probably won’t be able to unpack all your boxes the very first night, so this box will save your sanity. I’ll be moving next month and will definitely try it.

    I found the idea on this blog post full of packing tips for moving house

  • Mike Dunn

    Moving is not a one man job. It is time consuming and overwhelming at times.
    These tips on the preparations that need to be done before the actual packing
    and moving are essential and will make the moving process fast and easy.

    I would also recommend, once you have followed these 10 tips and your home is
    ready for the big move, that you use a professional moving company that can
    guarantee satisfaction. The company I use and trust is All My Sons Moving and Storage. They do an amazing job time and time again. AMS is the best for anybody who
    needs a professional and stress-free moving job.

    Good Luck!

  • Sam Raws

    Thank you for giving out this wonderful section of information. Moving is a demanding occupation.

    Posted by : Cheaper Removals

  • John Wright

    Hey Anne Marie! Your Post Sound Good about 10 best shortcuts to get your house ready for a move. No doubt that moving is only one man job, its need professional team. These cardboard boxes are very helpful to moving.
    Storage Boxes for Sale

  • Kelsey T.

    Thumbs up for the post! Moving house is a very stressful process for many… it is really important that the movers guide the clients trough the process. Very helpful moving tips! Thanks! Greetings, Man With Van Islington Ltd. !

  • Mishal Mary
  • Krasimir Krastev

    Hi Backy,
    This is very usefun moving article. Can i add:
    2. Make a moving checklist
    2. Acquire enough packing materials
    3. Do not delay preparations
    4. Pack carefully
    5. Use gloves

    The full article can be read here:

  • Linda Harper

    I love how elaborate these tips are. To compliment them, I would recommend some tips about unpacking after a move: .

  • Nathan Conway

    Thanks for the great tips! Recently i moved out from my house and it was verry stressful, but Man With a Van Islington helped me alot. If you want more great tips you can visit their website

  • Jimmy R. McCoy

    Thank you for the valuable tips!

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