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Buttoned Up > Everyday Life > Quick Tips > Ten Organizing Tools We Can’t Live Without

Ten Organizing Tools We Can’t Live Without

posted by Sarah on May 12, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Anne

    In addition to the Wall Calendar, I like a write on wipe off month at a glance that can be color coded and is easy to alter as plans change.

  • Sarah

    Great idea Anne! Love it – and thanks for sharing.

  • Jaimie

    What about a scanner? You can scan your bills, old letters, child’s school work, etc.. So many uses!

  • Sarah Welch

    You’re right! Scanners are wonderful tools – whether you have a big one, or one just for receipts, they are a perfect way to capture what you need digitally so you can ditch the paper clutter (or craplet piles as my husband calls them). Thanks for the addition!

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