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Buttoned Up > Everyday Life > Food & Fitness > Buttoned Up Expert: Reusing Disposable Water Bottles: Cheap but Safe? A Review of Reusable Water Bottles

Buttoned Up Expert: Reusing Disposable Water Bottles: Cheap but Safe? A Review of Reusable Water Bottles

posted by Amy Suardi on April 12, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Misty

    I am one that reuses water bottles. (Arrowhead brand has be redesigning their bottles and caps to use less plastic.) We have some refridgerator water dispenser containers that we take to the market and refill weekly. We’ve been using the same ones for a couple of years. A case of 24 .5 liter water bottles on hand will last about a month or so. Reusing them for a day or two or more works for us and the bottles are designed to be collapsed, and recycled. Add to this a well stocked, pretty bowl of Crystal Light flavors and I am never thirsty and always plenty hydrated!

  • Amy @ Frugal Mama

    Hi Misty,

    Great to hear about your process. I’m curious about the refrigerator water dispenser containers. Are they like boxes with a spout? And how do you refill at the market?


  • Stephanie

    Hi Amy,

    Great post! I want to check out that Platypus water bottle.

    One more thing to consider regarding the tap vs. bottled water debate: Though my family is avid tap water drinkers and I really do believe it is safer, you must consider the path the water takes to get into your bottle. Water is tested before it gets to your pipes and can collect contaminants along its path to your cup via the pipes that it travels through. This is especially a concern for people living in older homes and apartments that might have degrading lead pipes. To avoid issues with lead in our water, there are a few things that my family does: 1) we use a brita filter, which eliminates the vast majority of contaminants that we are concerned about 2) we bleed our water before using it. This means that we let the tap run for about 30 seconds before using it since the water that is sitting in the pipes before the tap is turned on would have the highest levels of lead and 3) use cold water vs warm or hot water when filling your cups or pots since cold water holds less lead.

    Happy drinking!

  • Misty

    Hi Amy,

    Yes they are cubish and have a spout. I bought them at for this purpose. They are about 2½ gallons each. Most stores now have purified water dispensers to refill such containers. The cost is about 30¢/gallon.

    Some stores have the machines that you pay for with coins, like a vending machines, others like Wal-mart, have one inside, usually near the bottled water/sodas and when you check out, tell them how many gallons you got.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for telling us about these bottles. I love he design of these bottles. Its amazing.

  • Cedrick

    Thoughtful article – Just to add my thoughts if people need a Sample Pet Addendum , my boss edited a blank version here

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