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Don’t Wait Until Your Next Move to Purge Your Belongings!

posted by Stephanie Dickison on February 9, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Katie Van Domelen

    I did this just a few months ago and it was so liberating. Plus my place feels just that much less cramped and more suited to my needs.

    My method was to take everything out of a space (like empty a cabinet or set of drawers) and then have to justify each piece before putting it back. I also used a “think about it” box concept so I could keep moving quickly. Each weekend I did another space until I was done.

    Hmmm…that makes me think maybe I should write a blog post about that experience. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder!

  • http://comcast. Judi

    My freind needs this article so bad!! I can’t email it to her.

  • Carol Manasco

    Prior to living in our current home for the past 15 years, we had moved 20 times in 35 years of marriage. No problem with the moves-we didn’t mind them. When we received a phone call last week to take in a foreign exchange student, it felt like we were taking apart the house and putting it back together again in TWO DAYS!! We had never had to worry about getting rid of things because we always moved. The house looks great now and the student from Thailand is working out great. I think I’ll follow the advice in this article from now on, rather than the intense, back-breaking work we struggled to get done in time. Keeping up with it would allow for more company, too. Thanks.

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