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The Stuff I Didn’t Do List

posted by Sarah on January 25, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Pocklock

    Definitely evaluate the cell phone bill. And perhaps plan better dates to pay bills so that the money in the account last longer.

    But ohh. That cell phone plan. I know I don’t need all those minutes…

  • Dee

    I need to make a list like that. My biggest one nagging at me? Getting a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate – my daughter who is turning 2 in two months.

  • Liz Jenkins

    This post really spoke to me. I have been doing just this over the last few months. Projects that I started and realized I just really didn’t need or want to do, crafty ideas that I wanted to try but realized I didn’t like, unrealistic goals that I felt I “should” do.
    So I sold the (used once) sewing machine on craigs list, sold my knitting needles to a gal on twitter but kept my crochet hooks because I realized I loved to crochet.
    Gave up on Facebook, but started working even harder on my blog that I love.
    Finally found a personal style that really works and got rid of all my attempts that were cluttering up my closet.
    That kind of stuff. That nagging in the back of my head is getting quieter and quieter.
    You’ve really broken it down into the steps – and it’s making those decisions that is the hardest part. But once they are made – life just gets easier – and the decisions get easier too when you realize what was holding you back.

  • Soni

    Call my daughter’s pediatrician and make the appointment for her annual visit. It’s been on my list for two weeks but I never get around to it.

  • Paulieangel

    Thank you for this post. Apparently not everyone is bugged by the things they ave undone…my husband doesn’t understand why craft projects, guitars, etc. bothe r when not in use. It is because they are on my in- lst too. I will be makinug this list….I might need a whole notebook for it. Thanks!

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