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Thursday’s Carrot: Save Time and Money Right Now!

posted by Hollie on January 7, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Lauren

    Hi Alicia,

    I’m Lauren from Springpad. Since I saw that you were posting about your experience using Evernote, I thought I’d let you know about Springpad ( which is similar to Evernote in that you can upload any notes or clip websites and access all your stuff online or on your phone. But, we take it a step further by putting all the info you store to work for you in our free apps. For example, you can save recipes from any website and then have them all neatly organized in your recipe box ( and then use our free meal planner app to create a dinner plan and a complete list of ingredients. You can also keep track of all your wine notes (, keep a list of restaurants you want to try ( or easily store all your travel plans like confirmation numbers, maps, places to go, etc ( You can also set alarms to send emails or text reminders. Other great apps include a budget tracker, a meeting notebook, a holiday gift planner, a date night planner, and other useful tools to help people get organized. Would love to get your feedback!

  • Sarah

    Lauren, this is great. I will take a look. Thanks!

  • Save Time and Money

    There is a new website that is due to launch in 2 months called I am part of the development team. This website will help you manage all of life’s data for you and your family – Health, Finances, Important documents and receipts, milestones and special moments, career, education and so much more. But here’s the kicker: We do not develop one single feature on this website unless it save you Time or Saves you money!

    Check it out! Tell us what you think in the survey at! We will develop what you want and/or need, and you can win an iPod Touch just for filling out the survey.

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