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Buttoned Up > Life Events > Holidays > Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Get Rocking on Those Resolutions – Win an iTunes Playlist!

Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Get Rocking on Those Resolutions – Win an iTunes Playlist!

posted by Sarah on January 5, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • http://www.famelessramblwordpress.comings. Lara Johnson

    I love the list! Nothing gets you moving and keeps you there like music I think. Happy New Year, and keep on blogging.

  • Anne

    What a fun list.. this will get me moving! Thanks for list of songs.

  • Beth

    Looks like a cool playlist. I love stuff like this to see what other people listen to.

  • Jennifer

    Cool! Always need a good list to save time from looking myself!!! Thanks

  • Angela

    I need to burn off the peanut M&M’s I just ate. Bring on the playlist!

  • Angela

    Tweet: Need a workout playlist for the new year?

  • Amy Weatherford

    Could definitely use this playlist. I am moving extra slow these past few days. The Christmas decorations are wondering why they are still up!

  • Julie

    Awesome collection of songs – will definitely get you moving!

  • Katherine D.

    my sister would love this, i’m sending her the link, she’s a new mamma, and her baby loves grooving to music too!

  • Brittany

    Amazing playlist! I think it will get me moving in no time!
    Happy New Year

  • Brittany

    I tweeted about the post!

    Check out the “Hot Mama” playlist courtesy of Buttoned Up: Perfect for working out!

  • gina

    What a kickin’ playlist! I could sure use the motivation to get movin’!

  • SHK

    I just found this site & I love it!!! I can’t wait to buy some of the note pads! Thanks for the great playlist too!

  • Paula

    Great play list!

  • Ginny

    I sure need a kick! I thought getting a wii fit would help, but still no luck, lol.

  • Paula

    I tweeted about the contest

  • Chris Carrier

    Excellent idea, still bouncing around with a bit of ‘Jump Around’ and ‘Dominos’ by the big pink! Good luck everyone!

  • Nicole Marie

    Love the play list! I could definitely use the motivation.

  • Rhonda

    Love music! I’m a survivor of the 70’s and the music is in me!

  • Sarah Welch

    We have a winner! Paula – congratulations! You’ve won the “Hot Mama” playlist. Hope this helps get you moving…

  • Katie

    I LOVE making new play lists for all kinda of events! Great suggestions!

  • Crystal Kruso

    I like the list! Let get it done!!! wooo!

  • just sarah

    great choices.

  • Lori P.

    Lovin’ the list… I’ve got my 3 kids and myself hooked on cleaning with an ipod in ear!!!

  • Maura

    Great list and I’m inspired to stay motivated!

  • Shannon Gilliland

    Great Play list!

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