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5 Simple Ways to Get Organized Right Now!

posted by Stephanie Dickison on January 5, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • just sarah

    I try to follow many of these tips but my current problem is that we moved into a house with no shelving and limited storage. How can I give everything a home? I am getting clutter from things that dont have a home. The bills that need to be looked at, the unread mags, the stuff that needs to be saved. I need storage solutions.

  • Stephanie Dickison

    Hi Sarah,

    Happy Tuesday/New Year! I hope that this message finds you well.

    Thank you very much for writing and for your question. I really love getting feedback!

    First of all, congratulations on your new home – that’s so exciting!

    I’m sure it’s awfully stressful too. I just did a post that might help – Even if you just used empty shoe/wine/grocery store boxes with “BILLS,” “TO READ,” “STUFF TO BE SAVED” written on the side or top in marker, you’d at least have a temporary place for them until you get shelves up, etc.

    Or, if you don’t mind spending a few small dollars, you could buy temporary storage solutions at the dollar store (a hanging shoe organizer for bills, a fabric box for unread magazines, etc.) and then reuse them somewhere in the house (the laundry room, basement or closets) afterwards.

    Let me know if these suggestions are helpful or if you need more! Good luck and best wishes in your new adventures!

    Warmest wishes,


    Stephanie Dickison

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