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Resolutions for 2010

posted by Sarah on December 13, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Jennifer

    I’ve worked on breathing techniques – very helpful. And I’ve dropped most dairy, wheat and sugar. Really tough. Cash – sometimes hard to come by 🙂 Just don’t beat yourself up if you slip. It’s the small steps that get you there.

  • AnitaB

    Could you please post your other months of resolutions???? These are 4 EXCELLENT ideas and I’m sure I’d love a few more….or maybe even a book of ideas??? Seriously, these are great.

  • Sandy

    The idea that I liked the best is to start with one each month instead of trying to do all of these items at once on 1-1-10.

    Last year I tried to do all of them at once, this year I will take idea.


  • AndreAnna

    I like the dancing one best. You know I like to shake it!

    DAIRY?! My god, woman, do I even KNOW you? 🙂

    I too like the idea of a monthly resolution list. This year, however, no resolutions from me. I know a lot’s gonna change so I’m just gonna take it one day at a time.

    Um, I guess that’s a resolution, huh?

  • Meryl Hooker

    I love this idea of one thing per month! This has so many applications too. Personal and work. I’m going to encourage all my customers to come up with a month-by-month retail/merchandise plan.

  • Sarah Lena

    I LOVE this idea. Starting off in January with a long list of “to-dos” is so overwhelming.. but this is a lot more acheivable.

    Also, I am not currently an Evernote fan, you may seriously change my mind.

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