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Buttoned Up Guru Ashleigh, an Imperfect Organization Pro

posted by Ashleigh on August 18, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • susan

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I’m about to do the same when I can find a day to finish the project (I tend to stop when I get bored making matters worse). I’m realizing that I really don’t need all this extra stuff in my closet/floor that I never use. Good idea to donate your clothing.

  • Whitney Trujillo

    Great post! I just went through the same torture – but I feel like a new woman now!

  • Hollie

    Ash, this was great! The pictures really brought your story to life! I love Breagan and Lilleigh’s reactions, haha. I think the biggest key to all of this is PURGING all the items in your closet that you never wear/use and donating them. Another idea is if you’re not yet ready to throw an item out, put it in a pre-donate box. Once the pre-donate box gets full, go through it and force yourself to get rid of some of the items. Thanks again for sharing your story! 🙂

  • Ariana

    This is great! I have to go through things on a regular basis because it also upsets my husband. One thing I started doing is that every time I buy a new shirt, I donate 2 old shirts. That has helped on several occasions. Keep it up Ashleigh!

  • Angela

    Ash, the place looks great. I think Brett has a LOT of Michigan t-shirts!

    Great tips. Love your idea of laundry twice a week.

  • Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

    Great info at this blog.

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