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Guest Guru- Piera Jolly of Shares Ideas for Getting Kids to Eat Healthily

posted by Alicia on May 11, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Felicia

    Thank you Piera for all the fabulous tips! I love the idea of being a sales person and really “talking up” the good food!

  • Carrie

    Those are good tips- this is definitely something we struggle with at our household. My son would live on peanut butter crackers if I let him, and it’s a fight to get him to eat anything else!

  • Beth

    Very good ideas. I think that they will be a definite help to anyone with a toddler. I like the pointers about what to do when your child is not eating enough and the common mistakes made.

  • Tia

    I really like the section of the article that includes common mistakes to avoid and the list of toddler friendly snacks and meals.

  • Sharon

    Good tips!

    I have also found that letting my 1 year old eat on his own with finger foods helps. He might not like the first bite, but after a few minutes he starts to eat it. He even tried some salmon on Mother’s Day! If I had reacted to the first bite (which he took out of his mouth and put back on the tray) I would have lost the chance to see him devour it a few minutes later!

  • Ann

    I totally agree with you about putting the rejected food on the plate over and over. It’s almost like they become desensitized to it and start eating it after a while. Your tips are great!

  • renee

    Great tips! I am going to show them to a friend who is having food battles with her daughter–I think she may be making the too much milk mistake and it’s causing her daughter not to eat.

  • Casey Becher

    I have twins and one is picky eater and the other is an eating machine, so don’t beat yourself up if you have a fussy eater. Sometimes, that’s just who they are. Some tips that have worked for me:

    1. Let them pick out their own fruits at the grocery store. He’ll be much more excited about eating his apple that he picked out himself.

    2. Play Fancy Restaurant. Pretend you are the waitress and use a funny French accent. “How wuz zee carrot? Did you like eet?”

    3. Make funny faces out of the food or cut in into cool shapes.

    4. Let her help make dinner. Little ones can measure and pour.

    Obviously, no one has the time or energy to do this stuff all the time. For me, it just seems like my son (and I) need the occasional reminder that eating can be fun. Even with a picky eater.

  • Jenn Beeler

    Wonderful post! My baby is 5 months and I made the decision to make all of her baby food so the transition would be easier for myself when it came time to offer her fresh, yummy foods as a toddler. It’s been great and she eats so many foods that you can’t buy as pre-made baby foods–avocados, mangoes, papayas, kale, rutabaga…all kinds of things (plus the more obvious pears, carrots, etc.).

  • Sara

    My daughter is 10 months old and we are already trying so hard to start her off with healthy eating habits. I loved your tips and I do notice that she wants to eat everything we eat so I make sure to eat healthy in front of her and share the fruit and veg I am eating. This is such an important foundation for her future. Thanks for all your suggestions!

  • Deb Thompson

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips 🙂

  • Sarah Welch

    What a great article Piera! I have a picky 2 1/2 year old eater at home, and I think your tip #8 is so spot on (as is your #11 – we have a few of those days where we just have to remember to let it go!).

    One tough thing for working moms is policing what caregivers sneak into their tummies when you’re not looking. We found that we had to stop buying any frozen yogurt for me (even though I’m 6 months pregnant and craving it) because our nanny couldn’t resist Will’s pleas for frozen yogurt and he was getting a bowl of it before dinner! No wonder he wasn’t eating his spinach. 🙂

  • Jennifer at Frugal Front Porch

    I use a lot of these techniques and they work rather well. I learned them the hard way after my oldest became a super picky eater once she started school. My youngest two are great eaters and aren’t picky at all.

    I can testify it’s so much easier to raise a good eater from the start rather than trying to convert a picky eater down the road!

  • AJacobsen

    Great tips! We were firm believers in starting them early, and it seems to have paid off so far. My kids all love fruit (although I think most kids do), but they do great with veggies too, esp my middle child. She LOVES broccoli and carrots. =)
    Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook has great (and unique) ways of “hiding” veggies in foods. It’s amazing the things she’s come up with!

  • AJacobsen

    Oops, spelled reasonable wrong. =)~

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