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Getting your health Buttoned Up

posted by Sarah on May 11, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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    Hey this is good stuff. So glad you posted. I like reading blogs like this. Sandy

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    Cool blog, like what I read. Will be back to read more. Adding to RSS feeder. Bob

  • Kristen

    It is so important to schedule time for yourself to ensure that you are healthy. No one should stand in the way of your health and that includes yourself. Find out what works best for you, plan appointments in the morning before work so that you get them out of the way or around lunch time. Staying on top of your health is the best gift you can give yourself.

  • Beth

    I’ve been through a lot in the last six months health wise, and I have to admit even with all that and the rather matter of fact way I approach seeing my doctor about my lungs and my heart, I’m still petrified to go to the dentist.

    I have a longstanding terror as a result of having TMJ and ending up in excruciating pain every time someone cleans my teeth.

    The suggestions here are encouraging me to consider going even if I don’t really want to.

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