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Five Ideas for Hosting an Eco Chic Wedding

posted by Sarah on April 19, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Andie

    awesome tips, thanks for the ideas, I’m already married, but I’ll pass them on to my friends!

  • Hillel Cohn

    I think these ideas are excellent. A couple has to fdeel comfortable enough to think out of the proverbial “box” and these suggestions are quite helpful. Another thing that couples might consider is to minimize the amount of wasted food that is so prevalent at receptions – especially when there are buffets. It is hard to have a good estimate of how much food will be required. If there is left-over food think about having it tramnsported to a local agency that feeds the homeless. If there are lots of desserts left over have somneone take a package to the local police department where it can be dessert for the cops in their community room and will be greatly appreciated.
    The last thing I would suggest: Have your weding cake be different than the traditional. How about having cakes in the shape of gift boxes and decorated to look like wedding gifts, complete with bows and ribbons. I knew a couple who did this and their marriage has been terrific (and well-organized) from the beginning.

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